Free Address Labels (25 Real Options)

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Free address labels are one of the oldest freebies out there. And even though people aren’t using “snail-mail” as much as they used to, address labels are still a common freebie to receive…and an important item to have on hand!

Regardless of how frequently you send postal mail, it’s important to include your return address on the envelope. The USPS asks for this so that they can return something to you in case your item is undeliverable at the written address.

There are also some instances in which you must use a return address, like when you’re sending a package or using Priority Mail.

Whether or not it’s necessary, it’s just nice to give your recipient a heads-up that something is from you before they open it.

If you’re sending out holiday cards or event invitations, getting your hands on some free address labels will make the job of mailing all those envelopes out a lot easier.

How to Get Free Address Labels

Address labels aren’t terribly expensive, but if you can get address labels free, why not do so? Here are some ways you can get them for free and make your snail mail routine just a little easier.

Get on Donor Mailing Lists

The most common way to get free address labels is to get on the mailing list of an organization that periodically sends out address labels. This is an easy way for organizations – especially nonprofit ones – to remind people that they exist.

Nonprofit organizations and charities rely on donations to continue operating, so these periodic mailings work in that they reward people for being on their list while also providing people with an opportunity to give.

However, there’s really no guarantee when, how often, or even if you’ll receive free address labels. And you’ll typically need to give a monetary donation to get put on an organization’s mailing list.

Still, if you’re committed to a charity’s mission, this can be a good way to help them out while also potentially getting a freebie. Also, your donation will most likely be tax-deductible.

Organizations that have sent free address labels

  1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Not free, but you can buy 144 address labels for $12. St. Jude will receive $4 for each set of labels ordered.
  2. Susan G. Komen – Donate online ($5 minimum) or donate by mail.
  3. Best Friends Animal Society – Donate online with no minimum. With a gift of $25 or more, you’ll receive six bimonthly issues of Best Friends magazine.
  4. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) – Donate online with no minimum (not tax-deductible).
  5. American Heart Association – Donate online ($10 minimum) and receive a link to their Shop Smart, Eat Smart digital recipe booklet. You can also donate by mail.
  6. The National Wildlife Federation – Donate online ($5 minimum) and receive a free field bag with a donation of $30 or more. If you donate at least $15, you’ll receive benefits like a subscription to the National Wildlife magazine, a discount on catalog merchandise, and other gifts throughout the year.
  7. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) – Donate online with no minimum.
  8. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Donate online ($1 minimum).
  9. Arbor Day Foundation – Donate online ($10 minimum).
  10. Feed the Children – Donate online ($10 minimum).
  11. Animal Humane Society – Donate online with no minimum. Donate $25 or more and receive a free subscription to All Animals magazine.
  12. Christian Appalachian Project – Donate online ($3 minimum).
  13. Boys Town – Donate online with no minimum.
  14. The American Legion – Donate online with no minimum.
  15. National Foundation for Cancer Research – Donate online ($3 minimum).
  16. American Lung Association – Donate online with no minimum.

One important thing to mention: It’s likely that if you donate to one of these organizations, your name and address will be put on a list that is then sold to or shared with other organizations.

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Grab Freebies from Printing Companies

Many printing companies periodically offer limited-time coupon codes and deals that could get you free address labels. The catch? Well, you typically must pay for shipping or pick up your order in-store.

Still, you’ll probably be able to design your own address labels instead of just settling for whatever a charity sends you in the mail. And you’ll be saving versus paying full price.

Also, think outside the box: maybe a company is offering a coupon code for $10 off your purchase of $10 or more. Can you use this on address labels? Sure, you can!

Sign up for a company’s email newsletter to receive access to coupon codes and/or follow their social media accounts where they may post limited-time offers.

Here are some printing companies that regularly offer coupon codes:

17. Current Labels

18. Shutterfly

19. Tiny Prints

20. Vistaprint

21. Walgreens Photo

22. Zazzle

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Print Your Own Address Labels

OK, this isn’t technically free, but it is a step up from handwriting your return address on every envelope (which is the ultimate free option, of course) – print your own!

It’s ridiculously easy to design your own address labels. You’ll need to find an appropriate template, fill out your information and tweak the design. Then all you need to do is print with compatible mailing labels.

Websites that offer free address label templates

23. Avery – You’ll need to download the template (compatible with Microsoft Word and Adobe products), then fill out your information and print using the coordinating mailing labels.

24. Microsoft Office – Offers a wide selection of free mailing labels with different designs. Download the template, fill it out, and print it with compatible labels.

25. Online Labels – They offer an even easier service. Choose a design, fill out your information, then choose “print myself using blank labels” and click the “Print” button to get a PDF that you can download and print yourself.

The catch? You’ll need to print using their labels. They may be a close – possibly even an exact – match to Avery labels, but you’ll need to do a little digging to see which ones work.

You can really make this a no-cost option if you earn free gift cards to pay for the labels (and maybe even the printer!). Or scrounge up your pennies and check under couch cushions to get cash for coins to make these purchases.

I’ve also seen Avery labels available with 100% cash back through Office Depot Rewards, so you could wait for a promotion like that, too.

Now, you don’t need to use the sticky address labels as you could just print them on regular paper or cardstock and stick them to the envelope yourself, but the premade ones sure make it easier.

Cheap Alternatives to Free Address Labels

You may think that these “freebie” offers require you to jump through too many hoops, or you’ll end up paying a few bucks anyway for a donation, shipping costs, or printing labels.

There are a few cheap alternatives to free address labels that don’t break the bank or require you to sign up for any mailing lists.

First, you could your own customizable address labels through Amazon or Etsy. There are lots of sellers that will let you design your own, or you can leave the design business up to them and get something fancy.

Cheap address labels currently available

Amazon – 500Labels offers a set of 500 personalized labels in white or multicolored for a little over $11 shipped. Add a 1-letter monogram or seasonal graphic to your design for free.

500Labels – If you prefer, you can order the same set directly from 500Labels and pay a little less (just under $10 shipped).

Walmart Checks – Order a set of 144 address labels for as low as $5.73, plus shipping from Walmart. They have a lot of different designs to choose from.

Etsy – Many independent sellers will design and mail return address labels to you. The cheapest I could find was SaversPlace which offers a set of 800 labels for $8.95 + free shipping.

Another idea is to order a self-inking return address stamp from Amazon, Etsy, or an office supply store. This is the route I’ve chosen for my family, and here’s why:

While I occasionally receive free address labels in the mail, it’s nice to know I always have an easy option for putting my return address on an envelope. And self-inking stamps typically last a long time.

They’re also relatively inexpensive, although you can always spring for fancier options. This custom self-inking stamp on Amazon is less than $10 with free shipping. This fancier custom stamp is less than $16 with free shipping.

Need another idea? Outsource the task of writing your return address on an envelope to your kids! They’ll get some practice neatly writing their family’s name and address, and you don’t have to deal with hand cramps. Win-win.


Even though you may not use the postal mail service as much as you used to, I think everyone can agree that it’s nice to receive something personal in the mail instead of a catalog or junk mail.

Putting a return address label on your envelope or package can give it an extra-special touch…not to mention it makes the job of mailing something a little easier.

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas for getting address label freebies, whether you’re donating to a worthy cause, keeping an eye on offers from printing companies, or just doing the job yourself at a free or minimal cost.