7 Ways to Get Free Business Cards

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Have you ever wondered if there are ways to get free business cards? Business cards are nice to have if you own your own business, whether it’s a large or small business.

And we’ve found a handful of companies that will give you free business cards. Getting free business cards is a great way to save money on business expenses, just like getting free address labels can save you money.

How to Get Free Business Cards

There are a few different companies that will give you free business cards. We’ll share information about what each company offers.

After that, we’ll also share information regarding companies that offer highly discounted business cards.

1. 4over4

4over4 is a New York-based printing company that has a promotional deal giving away 200 free business cards. 

You won’t pay for the business cards or pay for the shipping of the free cards. The only “catch” is that you’ve got to sign up for a free account with the company and earn 500 4over4 coins.

You can earn the coins in several ways. The 4over4 website says you can earn 500 coins in just five minutes.

For instance, you can earn 100 coins just by signing up. You can earn another 100 coins by completing your business profile on the site.

In addition, you can earn 50 coins by completing your profile on the site. A company review on social media will earn you another 200 points.

And there are other easy ways to earn points as well. One nice thing about the free business cards from 4over4 is that they come in a variety of designs.

There are over a dozen different designs you can choose from when you order your free 200 business cards.

The company offers other business products as well, including office supplies, promotional products, and signs.

Shipping costs vary depending on several factors including your product specifications, shipping destination, and more.

2. InoPrints

InoPrints is a Chicago-based company that will send you 100 free 16-pt. C2S cardstock business cards. 

With this deal, you do have to upload your design as there are no business design services featured with this deal. However, you can hire one of InoPrints’ designers if you’d like.

Also, InoPrints will print the InoPrints logo on the back of your free business cards, along with a short sentence.

Note that this deal is only available to residents of the 48 contiguous U.S. states. InoPrints shipping charges vary based on the order and destination.

This company offers other products as well, including t-shirts, banners, calendars, office supplies, and more.

You can get vehicle magnets and window decals at InoPrints too.

3. Vistaprint

Vistaprint has been in the printing business since 1995. Along with business cards, Vistaprint offers wedding invitations, address labels, and a variety of business products as well.

Vistaprint will send you their free business card sample kit when you sign up to get it. The shipping is free on this product as well.

This sample kit includes 11 free business cards in a variety of paper types. That way you can see what type of card you like best before you order.

Cards are printed on different paper and card stocks, and with different varieties of finishes as well. As of this writing, no purchase is required to receive this kit.

As with other companies, Vistaprint offers other business products such as office supplies, promotional materials, and marketing products.

The company sells clothing as well.

Bonus: Vistaprint offers both free and hired design help so you can help create the right business card for your business.

Shipping costs vary based on how much you spend and how quickly you want your product to arrive.

4. GotPrint

The GotPrint printing company sends out free sample kits that include business cards and a variety of other products.

This 20+-year-old business is located in California and offers a variety of products such as personalized letterhead, notecards, banners, signs, business cards, and more.

They also sell home decor items such as canvas prints, mugs, and photo plaques. In addition, they sell apparel you can get with your business logo printed on it.

Apparel options include polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. 

With the free sample kit from GotPrint, you’ll not only get business cards but letterhead paper, envelopes, and more.

You can get one free sample kit from the company. Note that you can order additional sample kits, but that there will be a charge for additional kits.

Shipping for your first free sample kit is free.

5. MOO

MOO print company has a free business card sample pack that includes 10 business cards on different thicknesses of paper, different glosses, and in different sizes.

For instance, you can choose from paper stock choices such as Cotton, Original, Super, and Luxe. Sizes include standard, MOO, square and mini.

In addition, the cards have both rounded-edged and square-edged samples. Finishes include uncoated, Matte, Soft Touch, and Gloss.

This company, founded in 2006, is headquartered in London but has a U.S.-based office as well.

Along with getting business cards from MOO, you can get letterhead, notepads, notebooks, planners, and other items with your company logo.

Water bottles and display boxes are available too, as well as other marketing items. There’s no shipping for the free business card sample pack if you’re shipping to somewhere in the United States.

However, if you’re shipping to somewhere outside of the U.S. where there is no MOO office, you will pay shipping costs.

6. Canva

Canva is an online design and publishing tool that allows you to design and print business cards for free using your printer and cardstock paper at home.

When you design and print free business cards with Canva, you can choose from tens of thousands of card designs.

Of course, when printing from home you’ll want to choose a simpler design unless you’ve got a very high-quality printer at home.

Another option is to print your free Canva business cards at a print shop, but you will have to pay their prices for printing.

Note that you will have to sign up for a Canva account to design and print free business cards at home.

However, Canva has several subscription options. The Free account with Canva is just that: free.

You can get access to over 100 designs and 250,000 templates with the Free account. Canva Pro costs $119 per year but gives you access to over 600,000 templates and one hundred million premium stock photos as well.

The Pro account is the way to go if you want your business to display the utmost in professional design.

7. Shopify

Shopify also has a free printable business card maker on its website. Using the online design tool is easy.

Simply enter your business information and choose a free design. You can even upload your company’s logo from your computer onto the design site.

Also, this option produces very basic business cards, the tool does allow you to print your business cards and they don’t charge a thing for using the service.

Now that we’ve discussed some companies that will give you free business cards, let’s talk about the best places to get discounted business cards.

Ways to Get Discounted Business Cards

The companies on this list will give you business cards at nicely discounted prices. Read on for more information.


Office supply giant Staples will send you 250 business cards starting at just $14.99.

When you order business cards from Staples, you can:

  • Upload your design
  • Use a Staples design from the company’s website
  • Design your card using Staples’ design center

Staples has a wide variety of business card designs and paper types you can choose from including traditional, raised print, ultra thick, executive and more.

You can also get double-sided cards, matte or gloss cards, linen cards, or other options as well.

The company also has service benefits as well. For instance, if you place your order before 2p.m you can pick it up at your local Staples store the very same day.

Staples also offers free shipping on all orders over $49. The company’s quality guarantee promises your order will be right every time.

And they promise competitive prices too.


BlockbusterPrint is a printing company that was founded in 2001. They now have locations in 17 U.S. states and one location in Canada.

You can get BlockbusterPrint business cards shipped throughout the United States. The company has business cards starting at low prices such as 500 cards for just $15.

The 14 pt. Business cards can be designed by uploading your design or creating a design on the BlockbusterPrint website.

You can choose from design options such as Smooth Matte, Glossy, or Silk Spot. BlockbusterPrint offers standard-sized cards, European size, square and slim sizes.

This company has high customer service ratings and offers to have your business cards ready within three hours of when you place your order.

Shipping costs vary based on where you are shipping to and other factors. BlockbusterPrint’s Best Price Promise vows that they’ll beat any competitor’s price by 10% if they don’t already offer the lowest price.

And they’ll reprint your business cards for 100% free if there is a printing error on the part of BlockbusterPrint.

BlockbusterPrint promises that they’ll send you cheap business cards without sacrificing quality.


PrintPlace was founded in 2006 in Arlington, Texas, but provides discounted business cards that can be shipped anywhere.

Depending on the design you choose, you can get 500 business cards for as little as $22. At this price, you can get one-sided gloss business cards printed in just five days.

Cards can be printed as standard sized, slim sized, or square, and come in 14 pt. or 16 pt. thickness.

If you’re okay with spending a little more you can add in a variety of design options. Shipping varies based on what you’re shipping and where you’re shipping to, as well as shipping time and other factors.

The company offers a same-day printing option as well. Along with business cards, PrintPlace offers banners, letterhead paper, envelopes, notebooks, notepads, and a host of other products.

Bonus: PrintPlace’s customer service phone line is open seven days a week.


Another place to go for cheap business cards is Etsy. Although Etsy likely won’t offer business cards for as cheap as some of the other places mentioned here, there are some nice benefits to ordering your business cards from Etsy.

First, you’re often supporting small business owners and sole proprietorships when you order from Etsy.

Second, you might be able to find more original and unique business card designs when you order from Etsy.

Prices are higher than in commercial shops that offer discounted business cards. For instance, I found one Etsy shop owner that would send 500 cards starting at $34.

However, you may find the benefits outweigh the additional cost. Shop Etsy and search the site for “cheap business cards” to check out the designs.


Last but not least, you can’t talk about “cheap” anything without mentioning Amazon. Being a global marketplace, Amazon is a must-see when it comes to free business cards.

Since Amazon hosts a variety of sellers, from corporate to sole proprietor, you can find a wide array of designs for getting just about any type of business card you’d like.

Some are cheap and some are not, but the vast array of selections alone makes Amazon worth checking out when it comes to business card shopping.

Hint: For even more savings, check out this article on how to get free Amazon gift cards


As you can see, there are several ways to get free business cards and save money on business expenses.

And if you’re looking to get business cards with more complex or unique designs, you can find ways to get discounted business cards as well.

Use this list to find ways to save money on all of your business card needs.

seven ways to get free business cards