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  1. Thanks for all the important information.

    • Thanks for the information. It was very helpful.

  2. Thanks much! 😇😇

    • You’re welcome! Enjoy the free internet!

      • Where are the reviews showing that this is legit?

        • Well, one way to check each company is to Google “FreedomPop Reviews”, for instance. For that company you will find they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You could try similar tactics with the others to see what you find before trying them out.

          • Number 1. I don’t think anyone else will ever see this comment again. 2. You will NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER EVER read, hear, or see anything bad about a company, or product on the Better Business Bureau website. You see, you have to PAY to belong to the BBB. And they will never ever list a complaint. They would lose their customer base. I went to Freedom Pop on the BBB site. It listed 426 customer reviews and 1191 cstomer complaints. Yet, when you click on complaints it comes back with nothing. Now, you would think that out of 1191 at least ONE complaint would still be on the data base. But, no. Nothing comes back. That is the way the BBB sets it up. But I think people have caught on to the BBB. If you click on reviews, that’s where you find all the complaints. You also might try They carry legit information.

          • Thanks for passing that info along.

  3. Can I get internet without paying?

    • Yes. That’s what these ideas are. 🙂

  4. Yes, these ways are legit. However, you will get much slower internet speeds.

    • There is sometimes a trade-off for a free service.

  5. FreedomPop is a scam. They claim they want your billing address off of your PayPal, and when you go to connect your FreedomPop account to your PayPal account, they take $20 as an “authorization charge”. But, even the billing email address they give is an unmonitored email address. PayPal has been giving people their money back after receiving complaints about FreedomPop. People are complaining that it’s a scam on their Android app reviews. Their Android apps don’t work…Please don’t let your site mislead people to think they’re legit. Do some real research, including checking my “claims” about them to you here, and either remove them from your site or at least do a new review after investigating them for yourself. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the information. We’ll have to check into that.

  6. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome!

  7. Thanks for the info. I always knew it was something fishy about the BBB also for not placing these complaints about the company. As consumers in this country we get ripped of for almost everything and are told lies to keep them in business.

    • It’s true, there’s a lot of scammy companies out there! Glad this article could help!

  8. While visiting a close friend that was hospitalized with an illness that required a fairly lengthy stay in the hospital, I discovered that the hospital had wifi and was free, including visitors. I now visit the hospital lobby regularly to access the net with my phone. It works out great for me since I am a fairly light user anyway. And it is also my hospital of choice whenever I have had medical issues, which fortunately has not happened in awhile. I understand most hospitals provide wifi service, but some may require a password, which is easily obtainable from a staff member or employee.

    • That’s definitely a way to get free WiFi! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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