6 Ways to Get a Free Mouse Pad

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If you’re reading our site, you, like I do, probably strive to be an avid saver. So, in the name of stretching your money as far as possible, why not learn how to get a free mouse pad?

Although mobile devices are continually improving and gaining popularity, we’ll probably still need computer mice for a while. Why not learn how you can get a free mouse pad?

How to Get a Free Mouse Pad

The desk I bought last year came with a built-in surface that is computer mouse-friendly. However, that doesn’t help me if I’m on the road or in a room other than my office.

Thankfully, ways to get a free mouse pad are aplenty. How about trying these ideas out for size?

1. AllMousePads.com 

All Mouse Pads homepage

AllMousePads.com is a company that produces custom, promotional mouse pads. You can order these pads if you have a business, a non-profit, or even if you simply want to create cool mousepads to sell or give away at a tradeshow or other event.

And if you fill out the form located on the site’s homepage, they’ll send you a free sample. If you provide your UPS/FedEx shipping account number you can get the pad shipped for free.

2. Mr. Mousepad

Mr. Mouse pad homepage

Mr. Mousepad brands itself as the number one mousepad company in Europe. The company will send you a free mouse pad sample when you request one by submitting your design or logo on the accompanying form.

The site declares that the sample mouse pad will be the same quality as any subsequently ordered mousepads and that you’ll get your order within two business days.

Note that the two-business-day promise may not apply if you order from outside of Europe.

3. BetterMousepads.com

BetterMousepads.com homepage

BetterMousepads.com also gives free mouse pad samples when you request one.

This company sells a wide variety of mouse pads including cloth top mouse pads, leather top mousepads, antimicrobial top mousepads, and more.

As with AllMousePads.com, you need to provide a UPS/FedEx shipping account number to have your free mouse pad shipping charges covered.

The company even sells custom-designed and shaped mouse pads. See the BetterMousepads.com website and explore the many design options.

4. CustomMousePad.com

Custom Mouse Pad homepage

CustomMousePad.com offers hundreds of different styles of mouse pads and is an industry leader in service.

The company sells mouse pads that are made in the U.S. and sells at wholesale prices. They also offer a quality guarantee.

The sample order form can be found by clicking on the link above. CustomMousePad.com will even give you a complimentary art review to ensure your design will work well on their product.

5. Computer Store Giveaways

Your local computer store or an electronics store such as Best Buy may offer mouse pad giveaways as a part of a sale promotion.

This is especially common on days such as Black Friday. Back-to-school sales might see free mouse pad giveaways as well.

Check electronics or computer store websites or weekly ads, and keep your eyes open for free mouse pad giveaways.

Or sign up for a store’s email list to get the first notice of giveaways.

Note that these free giveaway promotions may be with or without a purchase requirement. See store details for more information.

6. Promotional Companies

Companies that produce promotional products can also be a source for getting a free mouse pad. Two such companies that make promotional mousepads include:

Note that you often have to be a “qualified organization” to get free mouse pad samples from promotional companies.

See each company’s website for terms and conditions tied to getting free mouse pads from each company.

Things To Use As A Mouse Pad

If none of the above ideas fit your needs, consider these alternative mouse pad options.

Get The Original World’s Cheapest Optical Mouse Pad

The Original World’s Cheapest Optical Mouse Pad is an optical mouse pad that can be printed right from your computer. Tape it on your desk or tape it onto a book you can place on your desk.

While the design isn’t as fancy as some free mouse pad options you’ll get to choose from by visiting the sites listed above, it is free, and you can have it in less than a minute.

Print it on cardstock paper for a longer-lasting mouse pad. And when it wears out, just throw it away and print out a new one.

Bonus: Because it’s made of paper, it’s much more earth-friendly than a traditional mouse pad.

Make a Cardboard Cut Out

Honestly, any cardboard cut-out will work fine as a mouse pad. The key to success here is in adhering to these tips:

  1. Choose a piece of cardboard that doesn’t have any creases or bends in it.
  2. Cut it neatly with a utility knife or other very sharp cutting tool.
  3. Make it the right size (8 x 11 usually works just fine).
  4. Secure it to your desk with sturdy tape.

Cardboard cut-out mouse pads should last a good while. As with the printable optical mouse pad mentioned above, a cardboard cut-out mouse pad is earth-friendly and biodegradable.

Short on cardboard boxes at your house? Take advantage of the latest Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals and put in an Amazon order to get a new cardboard box.

Use a Cutting Mat

If you’re a scrapbook enthusiast or other crafter, you probably have a cutting mat. If you don’t, you can get one at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby, JOANN, or Michaels.

Cutting mats make for great mouse pads. The material they’re made out of is sturdy, and they have a smooth, matte surface that makes it easy for your mouse to function.

Secure the mat onto your desk with two-sided tape. And consider not using a cutting mat that you need regularly for crafting.

If you do, you may need to remove the mat from your desk and return again when you’re done. But that’s okay as well.

Use a Kitchen Placemat

Dining table placemats can also be a great choice for a mouse pad. Of course, it depends on the design of the placemat.

Cloth placemats can work as mousepads if the material they’re made from is mostly smooth. However, if the mat has a rough texture, it might not be the best choice.

Plastic placemats can work well as mouse pads, too. The key is ensuring the plastic material isn’t too smooth or shiny.

If it is, and if the shiny surface makes it hard for your mouse to function, consider gluing a piece of parchment paper onto the top of the plastic placemat.

Doing so can help make extra shiny placemat surfaces more suitable for mouse pad use.

Cardstock Paper

We talked above about printing your optical mouse pad out on cardstock. But honestly, any cardstock paper can work well as a mouse pad.

You don’t have to print anything at all out on it. Just choose an 8 x 11 piece of cardstock paper that’s at least 65 lb. cardstock. 80 lb. or 100 lb. cardstock will work even better.

No printing designs are needed; just choose a fun color–or cardstock that already has a design on it–and tape it to your desk with tape that won’t damage the finish.

Once it starts to get worn, remove and replace it with another piece of quality cardstock. Hint: Don’t use a shiny or glossy cardstock–matte only for best results.

Old Books or Magazines

If you’ve got old books or magazines, these could be another option for functioning as a mouse pad. The key is in the material of the cover. A matte book or magazine cover will work much better than a glossy cover.

And thinner books and magazines (books are better) will be easier on your wrists. Books tend to work better than magazines simply due to their sturdier nature.

If you have an old, thinner paperback book that’s fairly large and has a matte cover, this would be ideal to function as a mouse pad.

Larger books can work too. Just be sure you’re using it in a way that’s ergonomically correct for your wrist.

Don’t have any old books around your house? Ask your family members, friends, and neighbors. Somebody’s bound to have something you can use.


There are many ways to get a free mouse pad. You can order a “real” mouse pad from one of the companies listed above that gives out free samples.

You can wait for free giveaways from electronics stores or computer stores. Or you can make one yourself using the variety of options listed above.

And since you’re on this “free” kick, you might want to check out ways to access the internet for free.

Take advantage of the money-saving tips above, and then use your savings toward a long-awaited financial goal.