15 Legit Free Movie Websites

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Have you ever wanted to watch a new movie but can’t seem to find it on sites like Netflix? Luckily, there are a ton of legit websites than can help you watch movies for free.

We have done a lot of research and below we will go through only legitimate free movie websites.

Top Sites To Watch Free Movies

With all the technology and apps that are around, it’s never been easier to find great movies that you can stream or download instantly.

Plus, with all of these free movie websites there is a massive selection of movies. Whether it’s an older film or a new release, there is an option for everything.

1. Pluto TV

pluto tv homepage

Pluto TV is one of the many free movies websites that can help you cut the cord and watch awesome shows and movies.

It offers 75 different channels for movies, live TV and internet videos.

If you just want to watch TV you can do it without creating an account. If you want to watch movies you have to register, but the service is still 100% free.

Free does come with a price in the form of commercials. To watch free movies check the different channels and see what is available with commercials.

Pluto TV also has options if you want more specialized channels. While these do cost, it’s a great alternative to cable instead of paying extra on unwatched channels.

Main Advantages

  • Easy to use and has the same feel as a TV’s channel guide
  • Lets you start the movie from an earlier time or watch it live
  • Includes on-demand movies, music, TV shows, news and internet videos

Main Disadvantages

  • Movies streaming live can’t be watched again on-demand
  • Limited selection of movies as there are only around a dozen channels
  • Doesn’t include subtitle options

You can stream Pluto TV on several devices, including your computer, mobile device or your TV.

2. Crackle

crackle homepage

Crackle is a legitimate free website that is super popular for watching your favorite movie and TV shows. If you’ve ever used a Roku device you have probably seen the app already.

Crackle contains Sony Pictures TV and movies within the app. You can choose from classics that you watched as a kid or opt for newer ones, as there is a large selection.

Plus, you can  watch old and new TV shows.


  • Lots of video player options
  • Huge selection of films
  • Good video quality compared to others that are more grainy
  • Easy-to-use mobile app


  • The main downside with using Crackle is the large amount of ads that are displayed. It seems to have more than most providers. To me, ads can kill the fun of a good TV show or movie.

3. Popcornflix

popcorn flix homepage

I’ve personally used Popcornflix for a while and am a huge fan of the streaming service. What makes it different is that it is sponsored by the largest independent distributor of motion pictures.

It has a huge selection of over 1,500 movies!

Plus, it offers classic films going back to the John Wayne era, as well as modern movies. And you can use Popcornflix with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Xbox, and mobile devices.

Main Advantages

  • Includes a movie streaming site just for kids
  • All movies play in a large video player making it easy to watch on any device
  • Lets you make GIFs from scenes. (Obviously, this is not necessary from free site but it’s kind of fun, I won’t lie.)
  • You can comment on specific parts of the movie so others can view them

4. Tubi TV

tubi tv homepage

Tubi TV is another popular and legit free movie websites. It also has a huge selection, with over 7,000+ movies from the biggest studios in the world.

Tubi TV makes it super easy to watch TV and movies on almost any device you own. You can watch classics or modern films, and even new releases.

The app makes it easy to sort and find the best show by date or genre.

Like anything “free” in life, there is a price to pay in the form of ads. It’s still not bad considering the huge selection, and it has fewer ads than other platforms.

Main Advantages

  • Huge selection of movies — way more than most sites
  • Subtitles can be enabled for most movies
  • A ton of genres to find movies that you won’t anywhere else


  • Ads are shown throughout the movies but still shorter than watching movies on cable

5. Vudu

vudu homepage

Vudu offers free movies and TV shows with advertisements. The paid version, which I’ll cover below, doesn’t have any ads.

One downside to Vudu is that all movies aren’t actually free. Make sure you use the menu to find the free ones, as there is a good sized selection.

If you do want to buy a movie you won’t have ads and they are only a couple bucks.


  • Huge selection of high-quality movies, most are well-known and popular
  • Movies can be filtered and sorted in a number of ways
  • Allows you the option to buy and rent movies


  • Every free movie shows ads throughout the film
  • Not every movie on Vudu is free to watch (advantage and disadvantage in my opinion)

6. YouTube

YouTube homepage

YouTube is another option for movies but tends to be used more for watching podcast shows, learning shows, and the latest cat videos.

But you can watch movies for free if the person posting them has adjusted the playback speed, audio or video quality. Otherwise, it is a  violation of copyright to post the movies.

If you want to splurge, for $3–$4 you can watch the entire film without ads and the picture is an amazing quality.

Sometimes you’ll find the full-length versions for free, but they might get removed so I recommend watching them quickly.

Main Benefits

  • Movies are rated by viewers
  • Some free movies are hosted on official YouTube channels
  • You can watch online or with an app


  • It’s not easy to find high-quality free movies. And if you do, they aren’t HD quality
  • Movies and shows are removed frequently, as Youtube is always scanning for copyright infringement

7. Classic Cinema Online

classic cinema online homepage

Classic Cinema Online is your time machine back to old movies. You can watch silent films or ones dating back to the mid 1900s.

While the selection isn’t huge, it includes lots of family-friendly films from the good old days.

Main Advantages

  • No ads in most movies, which is unheard of for most platforms and apps
  • Huge variety of movie genres
  • Includes a section just for silent films


  • Not the easiest site for sorting or filtering through movies
  • Movies are low quality, as they’re much older
  • Movies do get taken down
  • No TV shows
  • Online only, no apps

8. CONtv

contv homepage

CONtv is a free movie website that specializes in anime movies. It also has a good selection of comedy and gaming options.

CONtv offers content that isn’t available on most websites, as it focuses on materials in the public domain, meaning movies and games that have no intellectual property rights.

Main Benefits

  • Great sorting options to help you search by popularity, date, staff picks, etc.
  • Works on lots of different devices
  • Partners with STARZ, HBO, BBC and other big media companies
  • Mobile app is very easy to use


  • Some subtitles are embedded into the video and can’t be removed
  • Long ads that can run for over a minute

9. Overdrive

Overdrive homepage

Overdrive is a platform that lets you  rent movies, ebooks, and audiobooks 100% free. I actually saw this service when I got my library card earlier this summer. (Yes, I’m that cool.)

While the selection isn’t huge, it’s still a great option.

The catalog isn’t the biggest and you might have to reserve a title and wait your turn, but it’s free and offers a selection of materials.


  • Family friendly content that isn’t on most of the other sites listed
  • 100% free


  • You might have to wait, as it’s a first come, first served product
  • Online only, no apps available as it’s based on local libraries

10. Internet Movie Archive

internet movie archive homepage

The Internet Movie Archive is another free movie website that focuses on older films. You’re not going to find a Transformer film here (but who really wants that anyway).

You’re more likely to find a Charlie Chaplin movie with Internet Movie Archive. It also offers TV shows (old and new), short films, trailers and a few other options.

One caveat: It has an adults only selection so make sure you double check before letting your kids watch.


  • Wide variety of films compared to others
  • Videos can be downloaded which is very rare
  • Easy to sort features to navigate the big selection
  • Movies can be sorted by view, title, date archived, and creator


  • Adult films with nudity aren’t separated from the other films
  • Older films only, no new releases
  • Online only, no apps

11. Top Documentary Films

top documentary films homepage

Top Documentary Films is a site all about documentaries. As a documentary geek, I’m a huge fan of this one! It has films on almost any subject, both old and new.

You can learn about conspiracy theories (there are some great ones on here), history or the natural world with National Geographic.


  • Tons of interesting categories to learn something new
  • Email service that will alert you when new titles are available
  • Most movies have zero advertisements and are super high quality


  • Only has documentaries and some of the more popular ones aren’t always available
  • No mobile app available, online only

12. Veoh

veoh homepage

Veoh is another legit free movie website that has an enormous selection of films. All you need to do is create an account and register for free. They make it very easy to get started!


  • Most movies don’t show any ads
  • Great sorting feature so you can search by subtitles, language, genre, etc.


  • Not a huge selection of English only movies and shows
  • Limited number of genres compared to other sites
  • Most of the movies are low quality but some have HD capabilities

13. Free Movies Cinema

free movies cinema homepage

Free Movies Cinema is public domain website that has a ton of movies, including smaller budget movies and bigger ones as well. It has categories for drama, horror, fantasy, documentary, action and much more.  

You can watch the free movies online by using their viewer but there is no app.

Main Advantages

  • Most movies and shows don’t have ads
  • Has short films as well as full-length movies
  • A good mix of classic and newer movies
  • Good amount of movies are able for HD streaming


  • Not all videos use the same video player
  • Movies can sometimes disappear or take a long time to begin playing

14. Yidio

Yidio homepage

Yidio is a hybrid of a free movie site and a movie search engine. It features a free movie section, but also allows you to type into a search bar and find movies that are available for a small fee.

This is a great way to save time as it might get exhausting looking for a one-off movie or TV show.


  • Very easy to find free movies on many different sites
  • You can sort the movies by date added and overall popularity
  • Includes Rotten Tomatoes scores (if you actually believe them)
  • Films can be filtered by genre and MPAA rating


  • Not every movie is free
  • It sometimes takes you to external websites not using Yidio
  • Several types of pesky ads
  • Most of the movies are low quality

15. Kanopy

Kanopy homepage

Kanopy is another legit free movie website that has over 30,000 films available. And it’s 100% free with a library card from a participating library.

Main Advantages

  • It’s constantly adding new movies
  • Free with a library card
  • Includes thousands of free videos
  • No ads are displayed within movies


  • You need to have a local library that supports it.

Great Alternatives to Free Movie Sites

While these are great free movie websites, sometimes they might not have everything you want for entertainment.

Here are some great resources that aren’t free but are super cheap to help you find awesome new TV shows and movies. While they do cost money, they are affordable and can hang with any budget.

Amazon Prime

As I’m sure you know, Amazon, the trillion-dollar company, is taking over the world.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime, not only do you get free 2-day shipping but you also get a membership for free movies and TV.

It has a combination of old and new TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more. Not to mention, Amazon itself is branching out to creating its own exclusive series and movies that are 100% free.

Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime Movie Club is a good option if you’re a big fan of the cable network and want to drop a lot of your unused cable channels.

For only $4 per month you can watch Lifetime movies and shows on any device with no commercials.


Hulu is another great site to get movies and TV shows. It costs only $5.99 per month with no contracts.

A huge perk when joining, besides no ads, is that you get access to the entire Hulu catalog.

This includes shows from national TV networks like Fox, ABC, NBC and others. And the selection of movies and shows is gigantic!


Pureflix is a great app that allows you to stream movies without having to worry about inappropriate content for your children. It features Christian and family-friendly movies,

TV shows and documentaries. Before you commit to Pureflix, make sure to take advantage of their 30-day trial to ensure it’s a great fit for you and your family.


How could I not include Netflix on this list? While the price has steadily risen over the years, it’s still 100% worth it in my opinion.

The site continues to have amazing original content and a huge library for any genre you’re looking for.

With its low monthly price it’s great way to cut cable and start saving money on your budget.


If you still have questions, read on, we have answered the most popular questions below.

Are Free Movie Websites a Big Scam?

The ones on this list, at the time of publishing, are legit free movie websites. But beware as there are tons of shady sites out there that prey on people who are looking for free entertainment.

Before you register an account with any of these sites, check around the website. Make sure there is a good-sized library and that everything looks legit.

I always recommend checking the site for the following pages and information:

– An About Us page. (You should check this for almost every site)
– Contact information in case you need to contact them about any issues
-Information about how they offer movies 100% free
-Positive reviews from at least one third-party website
-Optional: Has an app. Scammers aren’t going to spend the time and money to create an app. It’s way too much work and they would be caught based on feedback in the app store.

Have You Used These Free Movie Websites?

Yes, I’ve used a large amount of these sites. As I’ve gotten older, I tend to go straight to the source with Amazon Prime and Netflix to avoid the hassle because it’s worth the small investment each month.

But I’ve used a lot of these free movie websites and had a great experience.

Can You Stream Any Movie for Free?

Unfortunately, no. you can’t stream any and every movie for free. If you decide to go on a shady torrent site then you can, but it’s illegal and subject to the Copyright Act of 1976.

The main thing to know is that if a copyright isn’t renewed for a movie or TV show before the copyright expires, the movie will then enter public domain.

When the movie enters the public domain, it can be added to a legit free site and have no penalties for viewing.

This is why I recommend staying away from sites that download movies with torrents.

Typically these sites have questionable tactics and I don’t want you to have to pay a huge fine or even go to jail.

Can You Watch New Movies for Free?

Not usually unless they are doing some deal where it’s on a site like Netflix or on-demand (which both cost money), as they movie is also still in theaters.

A good example of this is Sony Pictures, which owns Crackle. You can watch Sony movies with a few ads even when the movie is still in the theater.

This is an awesome feature and eventually how I see the future of movies going.

Are Free Movie Websites Legal?

The ones listed above, at the time of this publishing, are legal. They either present movies in the public domain or they have acquired the rights to films from the studios to show online.

The reason they have ads on a lot of these platforms is to pay for the streaming royalties back to the studio.

Can I Watch Free Movies with Roku?

Yes, you can. A few of the movie websites on this list have a Roku app that pairs with some Roku devices. This makes it easy to watch free movies on your TV and on other devices.

Make sure to check with Roku because they are adding and removing websites they partner with on a regular basis.

Which Free Movie Website Is the Best?

This is very dependent on the type of content you are looking for and the type of device you want to watch the movie or TV show on.

If you’re wanting to watch movies from the 1950s and ones from the 1990s you will probably need to use several on this list.

Hopefully, you have enough information on all of these to get started and save money.


As you can tell, there are dozens of free movie websites to choose from. Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to watch amazing free movies and TV shows.

I recommend experimenting with a few based on the typical movies and shows you plan to watch.

If you hate the ads or want an even bigger selection, check out some of the paid features to spend a few bucks each month. Let’s get real, it’s still a fraction of the price of cable!


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