If saving money is your thing, you might like taking advantage of free samples on items you use regularly or would like to try. Did you know that Walmart has a page on their website where they regularly offer free samples to customers?

Big box stores like Walmart and Target often promote giveaways of sample items for two reasons. First, they like to give free samples as a way to reward customers for visiting their website or their store locations. Second, giving away free samples is a great way to advertise for individual products.

If a customer gets a free sample of an item they wouldn’t normally buy, they just might become a regular purchaser of that product at their local big box store, thereby driving up sales.

Free sample giveaways are a win-win for customers and stores alike. You get free stuff, and the store gets a chance to introduce you to quality products for yourself and your family.

Get the Most Out of Free Sample from Walmart

Walmart’s free sample giveaways are offered on this Walmart page. When you click on the page, a variety of boxes will appear. Some of the boxes lead you to a specified shopping page on the Walmart website, and others offer the free samples or sample boxes. When I checked the site while writing this article, they had two sample boxes available.

The first was a “beauty box” that contained a variety of samples of different beauty products such as makeup, skin care products and more. On the picture they had lip gloss, deodorant, mascara, and lotion.

The second was a “baby box” that contained baby items such as wipes, lotions, and medicine samples. The cool thing about the baby box was that there were actually three different boxes you could choose from: one for expectant mothers, one for those who have babies under one year old and one for those who have toddlers ages one to three years old.

As you can imagine, getting free stuff could bring down your budget costs for items you might use anyway. Also, it could allow you to try new items that you might not normally spend money on.

One way you might be able to get early information on free sample giveaways is by following Walmart social media accounts. Big box stores are pretty active on their social media sites and love to share information that will draw consumers in.

Here are links to Walmart’s main social media sites:

You can also get notifications of opportunities to save money and get freebies at Walmart by downloading their free Walmart mobile app. Knowing about any free sample giveaways early means you have the best chance of grabbing them before they run out.

More Information about Free Samples Online from Walmart

There are some additional things you should know about the free online samples that Walmart offers. First, the sample offerings change regularly. Therefore it’s a good idea to check the site often in order to take advantage of all of the free sample boxes Walmart offers.

Second, sometimes there is a $5.00 shipping and handling charge for boxes to cover having them mailed to your home. Each sample box offering will tell you if there is a shipping and handling charge after you click on the sample information box located on the web page.

Third, they will require personal information from you such as your name, address, etc. so that they can properly ship the free items to you.

Also, there is a disclaimer on the site that lets you know that contents vary for each box, so although you will still get cool stuff for free, you might not get exactly what is pictured on the site ad. Delivery for each box generally takes about four weeks, and at this time only U.S. citizens are eligible for the free sample boxes from Walmart.

Another fact to know about the free online samples from Walmart is that they occasionally come with an offer to subscribe to regular delivery of freebies. This is the case with the beauty box that is being offered at this writing. The subscription allows you to automatically receive your free beauty box every three months.

The subscription can be canceled at any time, but you need to make sure to cancel it if you want to stop receiving freebies automatically.

The “Terms and Conditions” box listed on each freebie offer will let you know if there is any pertinent information regarding your free sample that you need to know about before you sign up, so be sure to read it carefully before ordering your free sample.

Free Samples from Walmart Stores

Another way to get free Walmart samples would be to check with your local Walmart store manager about any upcoming in-store events. Walmart locations occasionally offer in-store events sponsored by different vendors where they give away samples of individual items.

The sample giveaways might include a new beauty product, a snack food or a household item such as laundry detergent. These events vary by store location, so it’s a good idea to check with your local store which should have a list of upcoming events.

If you’re unsure about all of the Walmart locations near you, you can visit their web site and use the Store Finder button at the top of the home page. With the Store Finder button, you can enter your city or zip code and the site will show you all of the store locations near your home, giving you extra access to free samples at in-store events.

The key to success in getting free samples from Walmart – whether it’s the free online samples or the free samples they give away in stores – is to check early and check often. Since samples are often limited, you want to make sure you claim your freebies before they’re all given away. Free stuff from stores like Walmart means less money out of your pocket for everyday items.

Have you gotten free samples from Walmart? If so, share your experience in the comments below.

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