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  1. Don’t do it. It’s a scam. You won’t be allowed to cancel and get unauthorized charges. They will never issue a refund for any reason.

    • Well, I hope it isn’t a scam. Of course, one could always contact them if you have trouble getting a refund.

  2. I used FreedomPop for a year as a paid plan (I think it’s like $12-14 a month when you break it down). I noticed one thing: if you turn your data off (on the phone in settings) you can’t text or call. But, that is only something I noticed. It doesn’t mean it happens to everyone.

  3. I got a hotspot through Freedom Pop on March 9th. It came right away, but the battery was dead. Four months and many emails later, I do not have a working battery. The company I am talking to seems to be separate from Freedom Pop. They are called, Unreal. They keep promising me a working battery, but also explain that there has been some delaying – change in their distribution. When I called Freedom Pop, they hung up on me.

    • Hey David, you could try to look for the physical address of the company in their contact information or in policies or terms and conditions. Then send them a certified, return receipt letter (keep a copy for your own records as well as all of the emails you have sent). You can also report them to the Better Business Bureau. Finally, another option is to open a dispute through PayPal if you happen to have paid them that way. You can also try commenting on Facebookto get their attention. I hope one of these ideas works for you!

  4. Freedom pop TRIED to take $106.00 out of my PayPal account at 4:30 in the morning and I had not even activated aim card for or placed card in a device. Thank you PayPal for alerting me of this unauthorized transaction. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. FREEDOMPOP IS NOT FREE.

    • That sounds like an awful experience. I would definitely try to contact FreedomPop to let them know the issue and that you are disatisfied with their actions! Best of luck!

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