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  1. Josh Patoka

    New Balance is my personal shoe of choice, so I’ll check them out. I used to wear Red Wing work boots, with my old job, and I still wear them with my around-home projects. For men it seems like that’s the most common boot size, which means you should have a good chance of getting a free pair.

  2. Gary Bahn

    I would like to try this out!

    • Deacon

      Then this post is for you. I wish you luck if you try some of them out!

  3. Robert

    My name is Robert and I’m having a rough time in life right now, I am currently out of work due to a back injury, and I am a size 10 and a half EE. My shoes are worn out. If there’s ANY WAY you could help with a pair, that would be great. If not, I understand. Thanks and have a blessed year… GODBLESS.

    • Deacon

      Robert, check out the links in the post. Hopefully you will be able to get a new pair of shoes. In addition, check out the other posts on our site to help you get free clothes and shoes or money, in the form of gift cards, to buy them. Good luck!

  4. Debrah

    Hey, shoes look good…I am wanting so bad to try them.

    • Deacon

      Check out some of the links in this post and maybe you can get some! Good luck! 🙂

  5. Sorry Cant say

    My Husband and I both field test for one of these. They send prototype pairs which are to be always kept out of any pictures and promptly sent back after testing, which lasts approximately 4 weeks.

    • Deacon

      That’s interesting – you get free shoes for a month. If you do that for 12 months, you’ll get free footwear for a whole year! Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  6. Sheena Bailey

    Hello. I’m a mother of three having financial difficulties. My son’s feet are growing unbelievably fast. He is a size 10, and his shoes are more expensive. Can I please get info on How to get help. Thanks in advance.

    • Deacon

      You already have the info on where to get help. Just check out the links in this post to see if you can get free shoes for him. 🙂

  7. Donald Puckett

    I’d love to be a product tester for Under Armour.

    • Deacon

      You should check out the links in our post then to go to their site and see if they list what the requirements are. If they don’t, you could email them directly and ask.

  8. Julie Beauregard

    I hope that it’s not too good to be true!

    • Deacon

      I hope not too. Check out the links in the post to find out more. 🙂

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