14 Places to Get Money Orders (Near Me) with Prices and Locations

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Money orders are similar to a check but the funds are guaranteed by the issuer of the money order. They can’t bounce like a check so it’s much safer to receive a money order as payment.

They are also a convenient way to pay if you don’t have a checking account or you need to pay someone who doesn’t accept checks.

How to Get a Money Order

Kroger Logo

Spend as little as $0.69 on your money transactions.

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You can send up to $1000 from any of the 4,700+ locations.

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There are over 9,800 locations to collect your money from.

To get a money order you’ll need to go somewhere that issues them. This could be a bank or other retailer that provides this service.

You’ll need cash in the amount of the money order plus any related fees. The issuer (the bank) will take your cash and issue you a paper document that is worth the stated amount.

One nice thing about a money order is that it gives you a receipt to show that you paid. Which is not the case with cash.

Money orders can be convenient, but there is usually a charge associated with them.

If you need to send money internationally, consider using Wise. They won’t sell you a money order, but they’re safe and about four times cheaper than other credit cards because there are no hidden fees.

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How Much do Money Orders Cost?

Different companies charge different amounts for a money order. Some charge a flat fee; others charge a percentage of the amount you want the money order for.

You may find some banks that offer money orders for free if you have an account with them, but generally, you’ll be charged.

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Where Can I Get a Money Order?

There are several places you can get a money order. Generally, there are only a few companies that actually produce money orders. The two main companies that produce money orders are Western Union and MoneyGram.

However, both of these companies allow money orders to be sold at several locations around the U.S. Here are some of the most convenient stores where you can go to purchase a money order. We’ve also shared what each store charges (when available).

1. Walmart

Walmart home page

Walmart has over 4,700 locations in the U.S. alone.

  • Fee: $1 max fee, exact fees vary by location
  • Limit: $1,000 max per money order
  • Provider: MoneyGram

Note that you can cash a money order at Walmart, but only if the money order was purchased at a Walmart. It costs between $3 and $6 to cash a money order at Walmart, depending on the amount of the money order.

2. 7 Eleven

7 Eleven home page

7 Eleven convenience stores have nearly 8,500 locations in the U.S. While many 7 Eleven stores sell money orders, the prices vary.

  • Fee: 1-3% of the total amount, with a $0.65 min fee
  • Limit: $500 max per money order
  • Provider: MoneyGram or Western Union depending on the store location

You can’t cash a money order at 7 Eleven locations.

3. CVS

CVS home page

CVS Pharmacy stores have over 9,800 locations in the U.S.

  • Fee: $1.25
  • Limit: $500 max per money order
  • Provider: MoneyGram

You can find a CVS location near you by going here.

4. Publix

Publix home page

Publix has over 1,200 grocery stores in the Southeastern U.S. States with Publix stores include North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and more.

  • Fee: $0.99
  • Limit: not listed
  • Provider: Western Union

Publix does not cash money orders. Also, GreenWise locations, a subsidiary of Publix, does not sell or cash money orders.

5. Meijer

Meijer home page

Meijer supermarket stores have roughly 240 locations in the U.S. Most locations are located in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

  • Fee: $0.65
  • Limit: $500 max per money order
  • Provider: Western Union

Meijer does not cash money orders at any of its locations.

6. Kroger

Kroger home page

The Kroger chain of stores has over 2,700 locations in the United States. Kroger operates under a number of different brand names. Some of them include Dillon’s, Fry’s, King Sooper’s, Smith’s and Fred Meyer stores.

  • Fee: $0.69, fees vary by subsidiary and location
  • Limit: $1,000 or $500 depending on location
  • Provider: Western Union

Some locations and subsidiaries do, and some don’t. Check with a location near you for more information.

7. Kmart

Kmart home page

Though dwindling, Kmart still has 70 locations in the U.S and those locations do sell money orders.

  • Fee: $1.25
  • Limit: $500
  • Provider: Western Union

Note that the Kmart website indicates that not all Kmart locations necessarily participate in money order sales. Check the Kmart location nearest you to be sure before you head over there.

You can find Kmart locations by checking their website.

8. United States Postal Service

USPS home page

You’ll be happy to know that your local U.S. government post office, USPS, will sell you money orders as well. With over 30,800 post office retail locations in the United States, there’s bound to be one near you.

  • Fee: $1.30 per money order up to $500, $1.75 for money orders over $500
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: USPS uses its own money order brand

You can cash a money order at the post office as well. Check with your location for rules, regulations and fees on cashing money orders.

9. Western Union

Western Union has over 500,000 agents worldwide. You can get a money order from any Western Union agent that carries them.

If you’ve read the rest of this article in-depth, you’ll see that Western Union provides money orders that other companies sell as well.

However, you can go directly to the source and purchase them from Western Union

  • Fee: Varies by location
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: Western Union

Note that Western Union will allow you to return your money order if you have the original money order or the purchaser’s receipt and the money order has not been cashed.

10. MoneyGram

MoneyGram has thousands of locations throughout the U.S. Its rules for money order purchases are similar to Western Union.

  • Fee: Varies
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: MoneyGram

The larger the amount of your money order, the more you can expect your fee to be.

MoneyGram is a reputable company and is the provider of money orders for large retailers such as Walmart.

11. Rite-Aid

Rite-Aid home

Rite-Aid is a pharmacy that has been in business since 1962 and has nearly 2,500 locations in the U.S.

They offer money orders for sale at most locations.

  • Fee: Varies
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Provider: Western Union

Check individual Rite-Aid locations for hours, availability, fees and more.

12. Your Local Grocery Store

Fred Meyer home

Another place to get money orders is at local grocery stores. Many medium-sized chain grocery stores sell money orders, including:

  • Fred Meyer’s
  • Fry’s
  • King Soopers
  • Hy-Vee
  • Cub Foods

And more. Fees will vary depending on the size of the money order, as will the monetary limit on each money order.

Call ahead to your local grocery store to learn more about money order services, fees, limits and providers.

13. Your Local Bank

Chase bank local

If you have an account at a local bank, like Chase, you might be able to purchase or cash a money order there. Some banks will even sell or cash money orders for non-customers but be prepared to pay a higher fee.

Every bank has different regulations about buying and selling money orders and accompanying fees. Check with local banks near you for more information.

14. Your Local Check Cashing Company

Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of independent check cashing companies. Many of these independent companies sell money orders.

In order to find these independent stores, simply search “buy money orders near me”. Note that these types of businesses often charge higher fees for selling money orders. You may find you’ll get charged less for purchasing a money order at the retail stores listed here.

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What if I Lose a Money Order?

Sometimes you buy a money order and then lose it. Most places that sell money orders have a system in place to replace a lost money order. However, beware that you’ll probably be charged a fee to get a replacement.

You’ll need to check with individual locations about replacing lost money orders for specific information.

How do I Know if a Money Order I Receive is Legit?

The legitimacy of money orders you receive can be a concern. Just as with real cash or with checks, there are people all over designing fake money orders.
If you ever have a doubt about the legitimacy of a money order you receive, call the issuing company for verification.

Also, check for telltale signs of a counterfeit money order such as:

– The amount area looks as if it’s been altered
– The dollar amount is too high; over $1,000
– The money order doesn’t contain a watermark; Western Union, MoneyGram and USPS all put watermarks on their money orders

If the money order someone is trying to give you doesn’t look right, refuse to accept it and ask for cash instead.

How do I Pay for a Money Order?

Most places that sell money orders only accept cash or debit cards to pay for them. Check with the store near you that sells money orders to get specific information on what payment types they accept.

Money orders can be a good method for paying bills or individuals. It can be a better method than paying cash because it’s trackable. And, it’s safe. Most places that cash money orders require some type of ID.

Price Comparison

7 Eleven$1.50

Western Union$2.99
Your Local Grocery Store$1.00
Your Local Bank$0.35
Your Local Check Cashing Company$1.45


Using money orders to pay rent, utilities and other bills can be helpful because it gives you a proof of payment. If you don’t want to pay for something by check or cash, consider using money orders to pay for it.

Money orders can be a great way to have a trackable payment.

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  1. Do you need to give your social Security number depending on the amount?

  2. You can purchase Money Orders from your Rural U.S. Mail carrier. They will give you a receipt for the cash and bring your money order back to you the next day (except Sundays). I am a retired us mail rural carrier with 31years service.

  3. Do money orders have expiration dates?

    1. They don’t expire, but if they’ve been around too long they can cost you fees.

  4. I once had Money Gram money orders in large amts bc I was in hospital for some time. Although the money orders had a statement on the back claiming they could be cashed up till a year from purchase, no bank would honor any after 3 months. Walmart traded me cash for them but took a big chunk of money on each one purchased prior to 3 months EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD BEEN PURCHASED FROM THE WALMART.

    Nobody seemed to know about this practice so be sure any money you buy (including travelers checks, etc) can be cashed in case you become indisposed.????

  5. Purchasing a handicaped van from someone local in TX and they want cash. I just moved here few weeks ago. Where can I go to get an $8,000 money order? Or does anyone have another way to pay like cash ao i get a receipt?
    Thank you!

    1. Terrie V. says:

      You should look into getting a cashiers check. But the only hitch is it has to be written to a specific person. For that much cash I would have at least a paper trail , like text messaging and/or emails regarding the sale. Good luck!

  6. Wish I’d read this yesterday. Got a money order at my bank and they charged me $5.00!!!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! At least you’ll know for next time!

  7. Lysander N Anastacio says:

    CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens/Duaneere Reade stores don’t sell money order anymore.

    1. Everything I saw indicates that CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven do still sell money orders. From what I saw, you are correct about Walgreens and Duaneere Reade. Although Rite Aide, Walgreens, and Duaneere Reade were not a part of this particular post, we appreciate you mentioning them.

  8. I purchased a money order at the Post Office and it was lost in the mail. It was a huge hassle to try to get it replaced. When I finally got to someone who I could talk to about it, they said that it could not be replaced! I lost all my $ and wasted tons of time. I was also very stressed. I got a late fee on the bill I was paying with the order. For goodness sake, they didn’t even have the ability to tell me if it had been cashed! It was an awful experience! Just so everyone knows, they use a third party for the money order service. The post office itself will not help you at all if you have an issue. They tell you to call the 800 number on the money order or stub.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m sorry it didn’t go better for you.

  9. Do not believe that a money order from the US Post Office is traceable or trackable because it is not! I used money orders purchased at a post office to send to my landlord for rent. One month it never arrived. When I went to post office, they told me I had to wait 60 days to even file a form, a copy of which they could not locate, and even then they still could not guarantee I would ever get my money back.

    1. Our post doesn’t claim that they can be traced or tracked at the USPS or anywhere else specifically. It does say that some places have ways of replacing them, etc., but not necessary all places. I’m sorry you had this experience.

  10. DIAN LOVE says:

    Kroger has changed their money order prices. They are 98 cents now. I just came back from there.

  11. Can you purchase money orders online? Say, with the USPS or Walmart through their website? I purchased an item offline that requests a money order at time of delivery and I’m in unknown waters. If possible, would purchasing one online through the USPS website validate my payment, or do I have to physically hand over a money order to the USPS driver?

    1. Those are really good questions, and to my understanding, purchasing money orders online is a relatively new thing. As you pointed out, you would have to ask around to see if you can find a place that will sell one to you online. Additionally, you will have to check with your seller to find out how to get it to them. I hope you are able to get it done. If you do, feel free to add another comment of how the experience went!

  12. linda l. bates says:

    Does Dollar Tree sell money orders?

    1. I don’t think so. But, the best way to find out for sure is to either look on their site, ask through their contact information on the site, or call them. 🙂

  13. When did Western Union money order cost go up? I used to pay $.99 at a local store. Now they are charging $1.89 per money order. That’s a really crappy way to do business.

  14. Food4Less is Kroger in California. 7-Eleven, CVS and Walgreens sell money orders 24 hours a day, except Food4Less.

  15. I live in California and I cannot find a place that sells money orders after 8 pm.

    1. If you try some of the ideas in this post you should find one. Of course, not all of them are open 24 hours, such as post offices. But, Kroger, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens are just a few of the options that sell money orders 24 hours a day.

  16. Evelyn W. says:

    This is a heads up: If your ID or driver’s license name does not match with the name on your account (checking, credit or debit card) they will refuse to issue any transaction!

  17. Does anyone know where to get money orders in Canadian dollars not in US dollars?

    1. You can get them at USPS, the United States Postal Service. I believe they charge extra for this, but it can be done. I hope that helps.

  18. Phyllis Uzzle says:

    I work 8:00 till 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. By the time I am off, the post office in Pearl, MS is closed. If I pick up a money order from Kroger or the Walmart store, will that be just as good as purchasing one from the post office?

    1. Well, it depends. Check out the section in this post, “What if I Lose a Money Order?” Different places that sell them can have different systems in place for replacement. If you are concerned about losing it, or any other matter, I would start asking questions and comparing the different options you have before buying one, just to be sure.

  19. Kimberly Elgin says:

    Here’s a heads up: if you don’t have an ID, CVS will not let you buy a money order. Now that’s kind of ridiculous. I understand Western Union wiring men money orders, but not a money order.

    1. It could be that the ID is required for tracking purposes or in case you lose the money order and need to replace it. Should you ever need to retrace it for some reason, having an ID could be a benefit.

  20. Rick Roberts says:

    Post office money orders are the best. They’re the same as cash.

    1. Yes and then again no, depending on your situation. The post office is a good place to get a money order, especially if you’re sending it to someone. Once you buy it you can send it certified right from the post office since you’re already there anyway. It’s a much safer way to pay someone, especially through the mail, than using cash.
      The disadvantage is that it is usually filled out to a specific person for a specific amount. That means if for some reason your deal falls through, the money order can’t be used for something else. Cash can be used anywhere for anything at any time.

  21. Linda Holyoak says:

    Can you send international money orders?

    1. Yes, you can get them at any United States Post Office.