10 Ways to Make Money Watching Videos

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Did you know that you can actually get paid to watch videos?

There are several companies out there that will pay you to watch videos as well as TV.

Visit these sites to start earning extra money in your spare time.

Editor’s Top Picks

SwagbucksMultiple ways to earn, $10 sign up bonus
InboxDollarsWatch videos, play games and more
InstaGCGet paid with gift cards instantly

Top Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos

Take a look at the sites below to decide what is important to you.

Each site has different options, like getting paid in cash, that you can choose from to start making money watching videos.

1. Swagbucks

earn rewards watching videos with Swagbucks

One of the easiest ways to make money online is with Swagbucks.

You will earn bucks for watching a variety of videos ranging from world news, sports highlights, and other themed videos.

It’s even possible to get paid to watch videos that are sponsored.

Ways to get paid:

  • Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Cash

Trustpilot: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Read our full Swagbucks review.

2. InboxDollars

make money watching videos with InboxDollars

InboxDollars also allows you to get paid to watch videos on a daily basis.

As one of the leading Swagbucks alternatives, you will also make money completing surveys, playing online games, performing web searches, and signing up for promotional offers.

So far, InboxDollars members have earned over $400 million in rewards!

Trustpilot: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Read our full review here.

3. Earnably

earnably logo

Earnably is a free rewards site that will pay you for watching videos, taking surveys, and completing offers. You earn points for each task you complete.

Trade in your points for cash via PayPal or gift cards like Amazon and other popular retailers.

The minimum payout with Earnably is just $1.

Trustpilot: 4.7 out of 5 stars

4. MyPoints

get paid to watch videos with mypoints

MyPoints is a sister site to Swagbucks. The way to earn is exactly the same but the award options can differ.

To earn points you must complete a watch playlist, the entire playlist, in order to receive the points.

Trustpilot: 4.4 out of 5 stars

5. iRazoo

watching video on tablet

iRazoo has been in business for over a decade and has paid out over $100 million to members so far.

When you watch videos on iRazoo, you’ll earn points.

Get paid via PayPal and gift cards.

iRazoo works with Android and with iOS devices.

Trustpilot: 3.9 out of 5 stars

6. InstaGC

instagc homepage

InstaGC makes it easy to earn money watching videos. All you have to do is head over to the site, sign up, and follow the instructions.

You can also earn money the following ways:

  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the web

Get paid instantly with online gift cards from over 300 retailers.

Read our full InstaGC review.

Trustpilot: 3.5 out of 5 stars

7. AdWallet

adwallet - earn real money online from your favorite brands

AdWallet is a GPT site as well. They’ll pay you up to $3 for each interaction.

The site is easy to use. After you sign up, you’ll get notifications when there’s a video for you to watch.

Each video is hand-picked based on your preferences. After you watch your video, you’ll answer a question or two about the video. Then you’ll get paid.

Once you’ve earned at least $10, you can cash out via Direct Deposit, or you can choose from a selection of retail gift cards.

You can also choose to donate your earnings to a selection of charities.

Trustpilot: 3.2 out of 5 stars

8. FusionCash

fusion cash - $5 sign up bonus

FusionCash, like some of the other here, is a GPT site.

Other ways to make money with FusionCash:

  • Try advertiser offers (up to $20 each)
  • Take surveys ($1 to $5 each)
  • Watch Videos (1¢ to 5¢ each)
  • Post in the forum ($3/month)
  • Get paid to click (15¢/day)
  • Sign up for Daily Cash Emails (2¢/day)
  • Work on microjobs (1¢ to 50¢/unit)

Now, you’re not going to get rich watching videos on FusionCash, but it will help you bring in some extra cash.

Trustpilot: 3.0 out of 5 stars

9. Nielsen TV Ratings

Nielsen tv - how Nielsen families are selected

If you still watch traditional television, you can also make money by becoming a Nielsen family.

For decades, “Nielsen families” have been the primary influence for television show ratings as households track which shows they watch.

While this is an exciting opportunity, participants are chosen at random, and there isn’t an application process.

You will need to watch your mailbox for an invitation. If you are selected, they will pay you for your efforts.

Nielsen does invite more families during the “sweeps” season months of February, May, July, and November.

Trustpilot: 2.1 out of 5 stars

10. Watch Netflix

watch netflix

As the most popular subscription video streaming service,

Netflix periodically hires “taggers” to watch and tag their programming to provide accurate recommendations to fellow subscribers.

You can see all open positions on the Netflix job board. Tagger positions are not the most financially lucrative and can require long hours.

But, if you love to binge-watch content or watch anything Netflix has to offer, this can be a great opportunity.

Trustpilot: Not reviewed


Can you really get paid to watch videos?

Yes! there are many companies that will pay to get people to watch their videos. Some of these videos are ads, music videos or even full episodes of shows.

How much can you earn watching videos?

Some opportunities will pay pennies while others could pay up to $3 per interaction.

How do you get paid after you watch a video?

Most companies will pay via Paypal while others will pay you with gift cards to popular stores.


You can get paid to watch videos in your free time from almost anywhere. It’s possible to make money from home or even while waiting in line.

The flexibility of how you can earn money watching videos and movies is what makes this a fun and creative opportunity for anybody.


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    1. I think this site is great because it gives people a lot of chances to win what they qualify for.

      • Thanks, John. We try to help everybody learn about ways to make money doing what they already do online.

        • I want video that have paid and easy to pay

    2. Thanks for this great information. Please tell me, which of these online make money by watching and/or sending e-mails that allow Nigerian, and other African, participants?

      • You can look at the Terms and Conditions of each page, if the site doesn’t tell you, when you try to join.

        • I choose to watch videos because it

      • BimberBuzz does

    3. I want watch video that have paid money commissions, I want earn money commission from video paid money commission

      • I hope you find several that you like!

    4. Is it right that I can make money by watching ads?

      • Yep. This is legit.

    5. I am East African, and I think most of these sites don’t work in my country. Could you tell me if there are any other websites that would work in my country?

      • You’ll have to look at the terms and conditions of each site.

    6. Hey, all. How can I use Perk TV in the area of Indonesia? Please help me.

      • It appears you have access to the internet, so if I were you, I would click the link in the article and try signing up. Then you can look on the website to see how to get started.

    7. Josh Pataka,

      Nice post. I have never heard of the term theatre checker before. It seems to be interesting. I would like to share my experience in watching videos below.

      1. Swagbucks – It is one of my favorites sites. I have made a constant earning every month from the 6 mobile apps of Swagbucks by watching videos.

      2. Perk.tv – I used all the apps of the Perk family and have reached the minimum payout. However, they didn’t pay me saying there were some issues even though I replied back. I had no luck!

      3. InboxDollars – I guess now they have reduced the amount to watch videos. Still, it is a good option to make money from the InboxDollars TV. The only drawback is their high minimum payout of $30. So, I got paid only once.

      4. SlideJoy – I received payment from SlideJoy once. It’s slow earning, but legit.

      I’ve yet to explore the other options.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience!

    8. It is the best way.

    9. I used InboxDollars back in college and earned $100 before requesting payment. I received a check for the amount shortly thereafter. I’ve also recently used Swagbucks. My account got suspended for breach of rules, so make sure you read those before utilizing any site. Otherwise, all your hard work could be lost. I plan on giving each of these sites a look.
      Thanks for the article.

      • I am sorry your account got suspended. However, you give some good advice. Hopefully, you won’t get burned like that the next time. 🙂

    10. Quick Reward and Nana are the best platforms to make money. I would go with them.

      • Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

    11. Hitbliss has been gone for about four years now.

      • Thanks for sharing this information so readers will know. We appreciate it!

    12. You’re welcome.

    13. Thanks mate for sharing this informative article. Of course these are the best ways to earn some bucks while watching videos. I’m working on Fiverr and also like to start this kind of earning in my leisure time. I’m very thankful for this guide.

    14. I don’t have a PayPal account. Can you tell me the sites that don’t require one? From Bangladesh. 🙂

      • Honestly, that is up to each individual site. You would just have to check with each one by going to their site and looking. Many do use PayPal or some other method of electronic payment. Once in a while you will find one that pays by mailing a check. It just depends on what they chose to use as a payment method. Good luck!

    15. Hi,
      Thank you for introducing us on how to make money through watching online videos, but I am not sure of the correct way to do it.
      Regards, Deepal Rodrigo

      • Just go to the site you are interested in and it should tell you what to do. I hope you have good luck with a few of them. 🙂

    16. Does it really work?

      • To find out for yourself, give a few of them a try! You might find a new way to make money. Good luck!

    17. Thanks, sir. I have only 1 question for you: how do I protect my bank account from being suspended by these apps and do I have to give my account number to all of these apps?

      • To keep your account inside the apps from being suspended, I would carefully read through the Policies, Terms, and Conditions sections of each. That way you can ensure that you follow their rules, which should keep you from getting suspended. As far as giving your account number to them, you should not have to. Most pay through PayPal or some other such platform. Again, check how they pay before signing up if you are concerned. Good luck to you!

    18. They don’t allow users from Asia…That’s sad.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. Perhaps you could try some other money making avenues. We have tons listed on our website for you to try. Good luck!

    19. Good afternoon. I’m from Nigeria. What apps can you suggest for me to try now that allow anyone to participate thank you.

      • Well, I would say you could try any of them. However, if you want to be sure they will work in your country, check the policies, terms, and conditions sections of each as well as the FAQ’s. If you don’t get the answers you need, try contacting them directly to ask. I wish you luck!

    20. How will Nielsen Digital Voice do payments? Will they transfer money to PayPal? Please let me know.

      • The best way to find that out is to go on their website and check out the policies, terms, and conditions. If you do not find the answer there, look for their contact information and ask them directly. Good luck!

    21. I was doing something similar, but they pay with BITCOIN and I never knew my balance in cash. How can I get it?

      • Since you didn’t say what app this was in I can’t look at the specific app you are speaking about. In general, I would say to look at the policies or terms and conditions for the app you are in. They are usually posted at the bottom of the main page. It should tell you somewhere how to redeem your points, money, or Bitcoin. If you can’t find it, I would look for a contact page to contact them directly and ask how to redeem your bitcoin. Good luck.

    22. Thanks so much. I really like this article, but my own question is, which of these sites is most suitable for Nigerians?

      • You would just have to check the ones you are interested in to see if they will work in your country. Lots of times you can find that information right on the website. Sometimes they have a site map that tells you, or it could be a list. Also, check the policies, terms, and conditions sections. If all of those fail to say, you can always look for their contact information and ask directly. I hope you find one that works for you!

    23. This is my first time, but I well try if this is a legit post.

      • We’re glad you’ve joined us! Yes, do give some of these ideas a try and let us know how you came out! 🙂

    24. I want to begin now. Just tell me how can I start my work and make a connection? My payments go to my bank account in Afghanistan.

      • Kabir, just click whichever links in this post you are interested in. Then check to make sure it will work in your country. I would look at the policies, terms, and conditions to see if it says anything. If you are unsure you can always ask each site directly through their contact information. Good luck!

    25. Is it possible for someone from Africa to get paid from the above listed sites?

      • Maybe. You would just have to check with each of the sites you are interested in to see if it is available in Africa. Check their site map, if they have one. Also, look at policies, terms and conditions. If none of that tells you, contacting them directly through the contact information on their site is another way to find out.

    26. What sites above are available in the Philippines?

      • You would just have to take a look at the ones you are interested in to see if you can do them there. A good place to check is in their policies, terms and conditions. Some may also have a site map that shows what countries they are available in. If none of that answers your question, you could also contact them directly through their contact information on each site and ask. I wish you luck!

    27. Hi! I’m from Pakistan. I have seen many people commenting that these websites aren’t allowed in Asia. Is it now available in Asia (Pakistan)? One more Question: Are these websites totally safe?

      • If you want to know if any of the websites are allowed in Pakistan, check out the sites you are interested in. Take a look at their site map, policies, and terms and conditions. If none of that tells you, try asking directly through their contact information on their website. I hope that helps.

    28. I’m Waqar Younas from Pakistan. Is this available in Pakistan?

      • The best way to find that out is to check out each site you are interested in. Some have site maps, but you can also check out their policies, terms, and conditions. If that doesn’t tell you, try contacting them directly from the contact information on their site.

    29. Hey, what about us here in Botswana?

      • You would just have to check each of the sites you are interested in to see if they work in your country. Look at their policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s to see if it says anything about it there. You might also look for a site map. If none of that works, try contacting them directly from the contact information on their website. Good luck!

    30. What’s the site for Philippines?

      • To find out if any of these work in the Philippines you would need to check with each one. Try looking at their policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s to find out. If that doesn’t work, you could always try asking them directly through the contact info on their site.

    31. Can I have a list of the sites available in Zambia, please?

      • The best way to find that out is to check the policies, terms and conditions, FAQ’s, and site maps (if any) for the sites that interest you. If that doesn’t tell you, try contacting them directly to ask through the site’s contact information.

    32. Typically, how much do people make from watching videos online? How long does it take before you start making money?

      • It depends on the requirements from each different site. They all have their own policies, terms, and conditions. Check them out to see which ones work the best for you. Good luck!

    33. When it comes to payments, most of them require PayPal in Zambia. You cannot receive money using PayPal.
      So, what site is best for us in Zambia, please?

      • You would just have to check out the sites you are interested in. Some may have a site map that tells what countries they work in. For others you might have to look at their policies, terms and conditions, or FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. If that doesn’t tell you, try contacting them through their contact information on the website to ask them directly. I hope that helped. 🙂

        • I want to start watching videos

    34. How do I start watching videos?

      • Follow the links in the post to get started! Good luck!

    35. Do these jobs need any qualifications or have any age restrictions?

      • I could look them up and post them, but they could change their requirements at any time and then my information would be wrong. The best way to find out is to click on the links in the post and check out each one you are interested in.

    36. Guys, I’m in Africa. What’s your experience with WORKMINES?

      • I’m not sure what your actual question is. I’ve never used them. Are you asking if they are legit or not? Honestly, I do not know. I did notice they have a membership fee that makes me wonder if it is actually legit.

    37. Hi, I’m South African. Our employment rate is so very high. So, I just want to watch the videos in SA and get paid.

      • I don’t know if any of these are available in South Africa or not. You would just need to go to the sites you are interest in and look. Check for a site map and also look at their policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). If none of that tells you, try asking them directly by using their contact information. Good luck!

    38. Sorry, I want to ask if it’s available in South Africa for me to watch?

    39. That is so nice, but I would like to ask something. How would I receive my payment?

      • That’s between you and whichever company you work with. Each company has it’s own rules. You should be able to see them in their policies, terms and conditions, or other area of their website. If you can’t find the information, contact them directly using the contact information on their site.

    40. None of these are available anymore.

      • Did you actually follow the links? I followed the first couple of links myself and they work and let you watch videos and get paid.

    41. I’ve used other sites like these on here and one of them is FluxRewards. They are so good. Their support is super helpful and their offers are pretty good.

      • Thanks for mentioning them. We appreciate your comments.

    42. Hello! I am Dekhro from the Indian state of Nagaland. I want to earn money by watching videos!

      • Use the links and other information found in this post to help you get started. Good luck!

    43. I’d love to join to start earning today. I am very much interested.

      • Just follow the links in this post to get paid to watch videos online. Good luck!

    44. I’d like to join to start making money online.

      • Just follow the links in this post and use the other information to get started. Also, be sure to check out the other posts on our site about ways you can make money. Good luck!

    45. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Now I have an idea where to start. I think I should try each one of these opportunities. I’m in Africa – Swaziland to be specific – and most of these platforms don’t work in my country, yet internet access has improved.

      • Not everything that works in the U.S. works in other countries, to be sure. You will just have to check with each company you are interested in. I hope at least a couple work for you! 🙂

    46. I made 30 dollars in 9 days of around 4 hours each on Inbox Dollars. Some of it was passive tv video watching, so easy. There is a 3 dollar fee for receiving a check, but they credited me 3 dollars toward my next check and offered me a fast 2 dollar survey about Inbox Dollars. The check may take 18 days to send. My only complaints are that I am often disqualified from surveys after answering questions for several minutes. The free spins rarely make me more than a penny per survey that can’t be completed. The best way to earn is to look through the survey list and to find the highest paying per minute. The daily home page surveys are easy and give credit toward scratch and win cards. You always win something, but the amounts can be tiny. Overall this site is easy for beginners. and I make around 90 a month, but others make 124 or more. Pinecone pays around 12 a month for around 4 surveys a month and after a few weeks you can get free things in the mail to test confidentially. Toluna is another good site that offers many types of gift cards in exchange for points for surveys. It takes a few weeks to get enough points to have a good selection of cards.

      • So glad to hear you’ve been having success with some of these sites! Of course they have their cons, but they can make you money! Thanks for sharing some of your experiences!

    47. Very good.

    48. Hello, I want to join.

      • Check out some of the links in the article for ways to get started!

    49. Hello I want to join and earn money for my survival in India. Actually I don’t know the required proceadures to be followed here on this sites but still I need to earn some money. Not able to find a job on account of my age my age. Atlast got the information.

      • Definitely check out some of the websites FAQ section if there is any confusion you need to clear up! Many sites also have a customer service email where they can help if you’re not finding the info you need! Best of luck.

    50. We are from India. Please give us the list of sites that works in India so that we will follow and earn. Very thankful to you.

      • Check out some of the links throughout the article. Some of the sites have a sitemap that shows the countries that they are available in or have a FAQ page where you see if these sites are available for you! Best of luck!

    51. Thank you for how well organized these site listings are.

    52. As a recent college graduate looking to enter the world of finance this seems like a valuable use of my time considering the minimum legal wage to pay an individual is $7.25 an hour.

    53. What is the most you can earn from watching videos online? I have watched some videos and made money doing it on InboxDollars, but I have calculated that the most you can make on there watching videos is about 14 cents per hour. That almost barely seems worth it. Are there any ways to earn at least a few dollars an hour watching videos online?

      • A lot of these sites don’t allow you to make a ton from watching videos. Though a lot of them do offer other ways to make money. I personally got over 15 bucks in a month for Amazon from signing up for the free trials on Swagbucks and canceling them before they billed me for them. And I really didn’t spend much time on the site! The videos allow for a way to make a little extra money, and some of them you can even leave playing in the background so you can make money with barely any effort!

    54. I have used a one app related with video watching and earn money i have work for it and finaly it gave me a 0.000714 its totaly wastage of time.

      • A lot of these can make you money but it takes a long time. It’s definitely not mean to replace your income, but they can give you a little extra freedom. Especially if the sites just let you run the videos in the background!

    55. i would love to make some extra money!

    56. I would really like to make some money by watching videos

      • Check out some of the links in the article for how you can get started!

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