Helah Kehati from JPO Concepts

Helah Kehati – Owner of JPO Concepts

Helah Kehati is the owner of JPO Concepts which is a full-service event planning, catering and venue management company. She was born and raised right outside of New York. She came from family that was involved in the restaurant business and now as the owner of JPO she does full service planning for events including weddings and corporate events. Not only that but they provide the catering and venue management for those events as well.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What it is like to run an event planning, catering and venue management company
  • How she went from a job that she didn’t like to where she is today
  • How skills you learn in one industry can be valuable in another

Quotes from Helah Kehati

I try to slay my dragons as early as possible”

Just because you come from a certain industry doesn’t mean you can’t explore crossing over into something entirely different”

Resources Mentioned

How to connect with Helah

Website: JPOConcepts.com

Twitter: @JPOConcepts

Facebook: JPO Concepts

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