Dave Nevogt, Co-Founder of Hubstaff

Today with us we have Dave Nevogt who is the co-founder of Hubstaff, a time tracking software that helps with managing remote teams. Previously Dave ran an information marketing business in the golf niche that did well over 7 figures a year. Dave has been founding companies since 2004 with his first success coming at 23.

What you will learn from this episode

  • Why he got into software as a service
  • How he had the software built even though he did not know how to program
  • What recurring revenue is and why this model  is more appealing than the “traditional” model
  • His view on debt and reducing experiences
  • How he used Linkedin to find a business partner
  • Other advice for people who want to get into SaaS (software as a service)

How to connect with Dave

Blog: blog.hubstaff.com/grow

Email: dave@hubstaff.com

Twitter: @hubstaff

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