Scott Barlow: expert at helping you and countless others find the work that they love instead of the job that they tolerate.

Our guest for this episode is Scott Barlow, the founder of Happen to Your Career whose mission is to provide regular people who have the desire to transition into work that they love the tools, resources and roadmaps necessary to begin and complete that journey.

Highlights of my conversation with Scott

  • How he tackled a challenging internship where he learned key entrepreneurship lessons which eventually paved the way to the founding of Happen to Your Career
  • Discovering his love for developing, coaching and interacting with people through the businesses he put up in his twenties and his definition of what a signature strength is
  • How to find out what career can be meaningful and which resonates with who you really are through asking yourself questions which could lead you to the answer
  • The steps in getting from the job that you don’t like to the career that you will enjoy
  • How to effectively pitch and negotiate with your employers to enable you to work on building a business on the side to prepare to jump to your dream job and
  • His advice to everyone to guide you closer to your aimed career and a free giveaway course to those who want to make that change

Quotes that Scott

“Signature strengths are where you are very best at. It’s a cross between passion and skill that when you are doing them, you lose track of time as you truly enjoy doing them. These are the things that, when developed over time, you can become one of the best in the world at.”

“Take the steps to figure out what it is that you want, what it is that you will be great at and what it takes to get you to that intersection of passion and skill.”

“If you don’t make a decision and if you don’t have an understanding of what it is that you want, you’ll never get there and it will just be a permanently moving target.”

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