How to Maximize Your Savings with Amazon Subscribe and Save

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One of our favorite topics is how to save using best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals. Many of these offers are pretty solid, especially when you factor in the time and gas savings involved.

If you’re unfamiliar with this great way to save on a wide variety of items for your family and home, here’s a brief overview of how Amazon Subscribe & Save works. Already familiar? Be sure to read through this post as well to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the savings available through this unique program.

What Is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program?

Amazon Subscribe & Save gives you an extra discount on top of Amazon’s prices just by signing up to receive shipments on a regular basis on select products. Often, these are the products you’re buying at regular intervals anyways – such as diapers, paper products, and groceries.

How Does Amazon Subscribe and Save Work

The beauty of this service is that you can easily manage future subscriptions through your Amazon account. There’s no obligation to continue shipments after you’ve received your first one. This means you can change dates or even cancel with no hassle.

One other huge perk is that all Subscribe & Save shipments have free shipping.

How to Use Amazon Subscribe & Save

1) First, select an eligible item from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save store (items are always changing).

2) Next, choose the quantity of the item you’d like to receive as well as a delivery schedule. You can choose to have your order delivered in monthly intervals from 1 month to 6 months. You can change the delivery frequency at any time.

how to set the delivery schedule for Amazon subscribe and save

3) Click “Subscribe Now,” enter your payment information, and you’re all set to go! Amazon will process your payment when your order ships.

Save More When You Sign Up for More Subscriptions

If you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day, you’ll save 15% on your entire order instead of the usual 5%.

Here’s a trick: “pad” your Subscribe & Save order with a few low-priced Subscribe & Save items to get this extra discount. In our list of the best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals, we’ve highlighted items priced under $3 to help you maximize your savings.

Using Amazon Coupons with Subscribe & Save


Amazon also offers coupons on select items, some of which are also eligible for Subscribe & Save discounts. Look for these coupons on the individual product pages, right underneath the price.

Amazon Prime Member Exclusives

Yes, all Subscribe & Save shipments have free shipping. However, Amazon reserves select deals and coupons for Prime members only. Amazon clearly marks these items, as pictured above. If you’re a Prime member, simply log in to your account to purchase your items of choice.

If you’re not a Prime member, you can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. I have been a Prime member since 2009 and it is worth every penny to me and my family.

Managing Your Subscriptions

You’ll need to choose a monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day. This will be the day you receive all of your upcoming subscriptions, not the day Amazon ships your order. This helps reduce the number of boxes you receive.

Need to change your delivery day? No problem! Just visit your Subscribe & Save account and click “Change schedule.” However, your new day needs to be at least 9 calendar days after the day you make the switch.

If you’re worried about forgetting that you signed up for select subscriptions, have no fear. Amazon sends you an email a few days before they process your order. This gives you a chance to update and/or cancel any subscriptions if you’d like.


Q: If I add a product that’s on sale today to my order, what if the price increases before my next shipment goes out? Will Amazon charge me on the day I add the item to my order, or the day it ships?

A: You’ll be charged the price the item was (with coupon, if applicable) when you first added it to your cart and checked out. If it goes up in price after that, no worries.

Q: Does the price of an item change after the first month it’s delivered?

A: Yes, the price may change. The first order goes through at whatever price you initially added it to your cart for. However, any additional orders in subsequent months will go through at whatever the current price is at the time your order is processed. That’s why it’s best to stay on top of your subscriptions and see if you still want to keep them from month to month.

Q: You really need to know your prices on household goods to know if you’re saving or not! Do you mind saying what specific products you order?

A: We keep an on-going list of the Best Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals updated every week with the best deals we’re finding. I have been using Subscribe and Save regularly for many years now!

Q: How can I see what the actual price I will pay is for the items I have added to my Subscribe and Save list?

A: The first time you order, the price will be locked in at the price it was when you first subscribed. You can check your order history in your Amazon account for this information. In subsequent months, you’ll need to check the individual product’s information from your account. You can also just wait for the email from Amazon letting you know that you have a few days to edit your box before it ships. (I wish there were an easier way!)

Q: If I only want to receive 5 items a month, can I move my items to the next month and still get them at the same price as when I first signed up?

A: The jury’s still out on this one. I think you can move items to the next month and still be locked in to the price it was when you first signed up, but again, that price will not necessarily hold for future shipments.

Q: When will I be charged for my items?

A: You will be charged the day your items ship. For example, my delivery day is the 1st of each month, so my subscriptions usually “lock” around the 24th-25th and my card is charged at that time.

Q: I clipped a coupon for a product and received it at the discounted price. For my next shipment, if there is a coupon for it, do I have to cancel the subscription and subscribe again to use the coupon, or can I clip it and have it automatically applied?

A: Once your first order ships (with the clipped coupon), the coupon will not apply to future shipments so you’ll need to cancel, then start it up again with any new coupons.

Using Amazon subscribe and save you can save a ton. Our house saves $10 just by buying trash bags every 4 months on subscribe and save. That’s just one product.

I am positive you will find many items you normally buy at the grocery yet can save with this great service.