WKW 55: How to Start Investing in Real Estate with J Massey

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J Massey

J. Massey

Our guest for this episode is J. Massey, an Active Real Estate “Investorpreneur”, developer, sales coach and problem solver. J. is well-known for providing best in class advice and strategies to help both new and experienced investors. He currently owns a wide variety of real estate properties and has completed hundreds of real estate transactions in eight different states. He also owns and runs the Cashflow Diary website and podcast.

J. also authored the book Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in Any Economy, and is currently working on several other investing and real estate book projects.

Highlights from this episode

• What an “investorpreneur” is and its similarity to being an entrepreneur.
• How he rose back up after being in a very dire family situation where he was barely making ends meet to being a successful real estate investor.
• The changes he put in place which have pivoted him to success, including the eight-step process that he went through to get to his goals.
• The role his family played in the process that he went through, including fueling him to adapt in order to survive.
• His take on the necessity of a degree to be a real estate investor and the critical steps and skill sets needed for you to start being one including communication, sales and resources.
• Ways in reducing the risks involved in using other people’s resources and how to find the right people to work with you as a team.
• How he fulfills his mission to provide clean, safe and affordable housing and his recommended primary resource for people interested in having a real estate portfolio.

Quotes from this episode

“You must have the desire to use your time in a more effective and efficient way.”

“When you’re clear about what you are fighting for, you will change and will become a different person.”

“Clarity leads to power – the power to decide and act.”

“Minimizing risks comes down to analyzing every single point of failure.”

“Wealth is a team sport.”

“Learn to fail fast, fail forward and fail frequently.”


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  1. SavvyJames says:

    I will definitely have to check out the podcast. It sounds like good stuff.

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