Shel Horowitz Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing Goes Green

Shel Horowitz Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing Goes Green

Shel Horowitz is a green marketing and publishing consultant who has also published eight books. One of his most renowned books he co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson is called Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet.

Career: Green Marketing & Publishing Consultant, Writer

Previous Careers: Started a term-paper typing service

Average Day

Shel tends to work in short bursts, with his day beginning around 6:30am. Although most of his work involves sitting in front of a computer, Shel makes sure to incorporate variety by exercising and meeting with clients as well. He confesses that his working style isn’t usually a good match for employers because he doesn’t like to sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time, which makes working from home and setting his own schedule ideal for him.

Interesting Fact

Shel purchased his first computer in 1984. It was a 128K Apple Macintosh.

Livable Wage

It took Shel 3 to 4 years to begin making a livable wage. He cites three turning points that got him to the livable wage point:

  1. Getting his first computer (he had been using a typewriter)
  2. Getting into the Yellow Pages
  3. Changed the name of his business from “Writing and More” to “Accurate Writing and More” so that he could be at the front of the Yellow Pages.

Hardest Part About What Shel Does

Not having staff to which he can delegate tasks. Shel has 16 different websites that he maintains. He is considering outsourcing but has not gotten to that point yet.

Why He Loves What He Does

Shel has the satisfying feeling that he is making a difference in the world by combining writing and green technology.

I became a writer because I’m interested in everything.”

The Motivation Behind Starting His Own Business

Shel says that making a living as an author today is very difficult, so he considers himself a writer, … (15 minutes) He pursued the right connections with other writers and made sure to be purposeful about his connections and the time he spent writing as well as the subjects that he wrote about. Shel explains that being a free-lance writer is very frustrating. He soon realized that having more control over what he was writing made his life much easier.

Influential Person

Shel’s father was a chiropractor who worked out of his home, and his entrepreneurial spirit had a positive effect on Shel. Jeffrey Lant was an influential writer, whose book Cash Copy, a book about how to market your products and services, is one of Shel’s favorites. Activist communicators like Abbie Hoffman, Dave Dellinger, Amory Lovins all wrote pieces that have had social and environmental impacts on the way people view the world, and Shel cites them as inspirations as well.

Tips From Shel

If you want to be a published writer, get your pieces out there. Start a blog, contact online news sources and offer to write for free, or cover your local sports team. Shel suggests pursuing writing about things that you are passionate about. There are so many different niche markets that need good writers!

Look for the intersection of what you love and what people are willing to buy.”

How To Get In Touch With Shel

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