Eric Scott CEO of Dolphin Micro

Eric Scott CEO of Dolphin Micro

Eric Scott is the CEO of Dolphin Micro, a web development company that has done work with companies like Wired, Business Insider, and even AT&T. He runs a 22 person firm that builds custom software for anyone who needs it.

What you will learn in this episode

  • How he used Craigslist to find business when they started out
  • How going to a community college helped him figure out what to do for a career
  • How he never built a website before he started the company but that didn’t stop him from growing it

Recommendations for getting into Web Development

  • Pick up for Dummies books
  • Take a few college level computer programmer classes

Projects he’s working on

  • BrainScape – Online flash card learning apps
  • Golf Pipeline – Golf course booking where you can invite your friends

How to connect with Eric


Twitter: @DolphinWebsites

Facebook: Dolphin Micro

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