Jeet Banerjee InterviewJeet Banerjee is 20 years old and he has already launched several successful start-ups. He is the co-founder of, a website that helps people with the college admissions process. He is also the co-founder of Vintelli, an internet marketing tool that helps website rank in the top results of search engines. In addition, he is the author of the book called “The Pursuit of Passion” where he shows you how to enjoy life doing what you love, while earning a great living.

Career: Tech Entrepreneur

Previous Job: Project Manager/Assistant

Startups he has been involved in

Average Day

Hi average day consists of checking emails and communicating with his social media following in the morning. The afternoon is dedicated to making meetings, getting on the phone and doing whatever it takes.

He is currently focusing much of his time to State Fuse. He created this website because it was a problem that he faced first hand. He had looked for resources when it came to the college admissions process and couldn’t find a good enough site out there. He asked others in his class if they would use something like this and if they were facing the same problem. Once he found out that it was a big enough pain for people, he put it into action.

Interesting Fact

Jeet created his first website when he was nine years old. It was a site dedicated to the craziest dunks in basketball and called it PowerDunk. He bought books to learn how to program with Microsoft FrontPage as well as Dreamweaver and that is what he used back then to make the site. It took him close to nine months to put together a two page website.

Livable wage

Unlike most people I interviewed so far, it only took Jeet 2-3 months to make a livable wage with his business. He accredits it to finding a really good niche and because of that he was making 3-4 times what he was working for his dad.

Hardest part about what Jeet does

Jeet says making decisions without having any regrets is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur. There are so many roads that you can take, sometimes you don’t take the right one.

Why he loves what he does

1. He wanted to be the master of his own destiny. Look in the mirror to be successful

2. Change the world through innovation. He mentioned the following quote:

Be the Change you want to be in the world” – Gandhi

The motivation behind starting his own business

The biggest thing he didn’t like about his previous job working for his dad was that he never felt like he was in control or that he could use his creative thinking. He didn’t feel like he was part of something bigger, it was a chore almost to have to go there.

Making money shouldn’t be a chore…You can have fun doing it”

How he got where he is today

He was extremely motivated and hungry. He said that when you don’t get paid for a month to 45 days, that can motivate you to get out of bed and be willing to hustle hard to figure out what you need to do. When it came to his first business that he started, he recognized that there was a problem where there were people overseas looking to work on projects in the U.S. but they were getting rejected. He figured if he could do project management and help with communicating to clients and get the work done overseas, that there would be money to be made.

Influential person

Neil Patel who was also in the tech field. He read all of his blog articles and follows everything he does. Find out more about Neil at

Tips from Jeet

You have to have a deeper purpose in your work. Some examples would be that you want to retire your parents, be financially independent, change the world, etc.

He also says how you tackle failure matters. Failure doesn’t define you or your business unless you let it by quitting or stopping once you’ve failed. View failure as an event, XYZ happened, it is OK to be disappointed but get back up, learn what you did wrong and change appropriately.

Money alone cannot drive you to success”

How to get in touch with Jeet

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