A Banking App For Kids and Teens Now Has Safety Features That Might Surprise You

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The goal of Greenlight is to help your children learn about money. 

Although Greenlight has been around for a while, the company recently launched an entirely new plan called Greenlight Infinity, which takes things to the next level. 

Not only will your child have the opportunity to learn about money, but also find extra safety features embedded into the plan that makes life more secure. 

Ready to learn more about this new addition to Greenlight’s lineup? Let’s explore what you need to know about the Greenlight Infinity plan. 

What Is Greenlight?

Greenlight is on a mission to help you raise financially smart kids. The company offers an opportunity to teach your kids about money without boring them to tears. 

The base of the company’s offerings is the Greenlight debit card and app. Kids have the ability to make purchases with the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The Greenlight app enables parents to approve purchases, set spending limits, and send kids money. Your kids can use the app to view their balance, set savings goals, and request money from parents. 

You’ll get up to five debit cards for your kids. And each child has their very own Greenlight account. If you opt for Greenlight Max, you get 1% earned cash back, priority customer support, and protection 3x, and more. 

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What is the Greenlight Infinity Plan?

Greenlight home page

The Greenlight Infinity Plan is specifically designed with your family’s safety in mind. It gives your teens everything they need to manage their money, keep in touch, and call for help if they need it. 

Of course, the plan includes all of the money management and additional features that other Greenlight plans have to offer. But in this more comprehensive plan, the company puts an emphasis on keeping your family safe and connected, plus a 5% Savings Reward for your teens.  

Greenlight Infinity makes your family safer by connecting financial tools with safety resources. The idea behind connecting financial literacy and safety is that both start at home. With the right safety and financial learning resources in a single location, Greenlight infinity hopes to protect your family in more ways than one. 

How Much Does Greenlight Infinity Cost?

Greenlight Core starts at $4.99 per month, which is the most basic plan. Greenlight Infinity costs $14.98 per month. There’s an additional $9.99 fee if your child wants a customized Greenlight debit card, but up to 5 premium black debit cards are included in the monthly fee. 

Greenlight Infinity Cost vs. Other Greenlight Plan Costs

PLANSGreenlight Core
Greenlight Max
Greenlight Infinity
Kids’ debit card
Debit cards for up to 5 kids.
Educational app
One app, two experiences. And a whole lotta learning
Core financial tools
Easy-to-use tools for saving, spending, earning and giving.
Parental controls
Set category and store-level limits that work for your family.
Greenlight Savings Reward
Coming soon: Credit for parents
The credit card for parents with cash back on all purchases.
1% Cash BackXX
Greenlight Black CardXX
Priority customer supporXX
Protection, 3XXX
Family location sharing
SOS alerts
Send an alert to emergency contacts, 911 or both with one swipe
Crash detection
Your app will automatically dispatch 911 when a crash is detected.

Greenlight Infinity is more comprehensive than the other Greenlight options, and its increased value is reflected in a higher price point. 

Here’s a closer look at what each plan offers for the price point:

  • Greenlight Core for $4.99 per month: Greenlight Core includes debit cards for up to 5 kids, a financial education app, parental controls, easy-to-use tools for saving, spending, earning, and giving, and kids can earn 1% on savings. 
  • Greenlight Max for $9.98 per month: Greenlight Max was the most comprehensive option until Greenlight Infinity came along. It includes the ability for kids to earn 2% on savings and 1% cash back on purchases, a Greenlight Black Card, identity theft, cell phone, and purchase protection and priority customer support. 
  • Greenlight Infinity for $14.98 per month: Greenlight Infinity includes all of the financial features of the other plans, plus your kids can earn 5% on their savings. Additionally, this level comes with built-in safety features like location sharing, crash detection, and an SOS alert to help you keep your family safe at all times. 

Each of these plans is designed for a family. Within the same price, you can include up to five kids or teenagers. 

What Does Greenlight Infinity Offer?

Greenlight Infinity plan offers 5% savings

As a platform, Greenlight offers extensive opportunities to teach your children about money with real-world consequences. But Greenlight Infinity incorporates safety features to help your children learn about the best practices for safety in our modern world while supporting them on the road to independence. 

5% on Savings

On the financial side of things, Greenlight Infinity offers a boon to savvy savers. Kids can earn 5% on their savings. As you teach your child the importance of saving money, this real reward can help drive home the idea. 

That’s a stellar savings reward for any age. But it’s especially exciting that kids and teens can see the value of saving reflected in their accounts. 

Crash Detection

When your teen starts driving, it’s understandable to be worried about their safety. 

Typically, teen drivers face the highest car insurance premiums. That’s because their inexperience can lead to trouble on the road. If you worry about their safety on the open road, Greenlight Infinity can monitor for crashes. 

Not only will the app monitor for a crash, but it will also alert the 911 dispatch and emergency contacts and share their location in the event of a crash. With that, you’ll know that help is on the way after a crash. 

Family Location Sharing

With the help of family location sharing, you can check in without “checking in”. Family members can opt to share locations with each other right in the app. If they aren’t where they are supposed to be, you can look into the situation. 

Additionally, the app includes an SOS button for the entire family. If your child is uncomfortable, they can send an alert through the SOS button which can alert 911, emergency contacts, or both. You’ll be able to jump into action and determine what’s wrong as soon as possible. 

Independence for Teens

Safety designed for teens Independence is important. They want it. You want it. It’s time. Give teens everything they need to manage their money, keep in touch and call for help if they need it.

Beyond physical independence, you can loosen the reins on their spending as you see fit. With changeable parental controls, you can create an environment that slowly gives them more power over their choices. Eventually, you may be ready to take the training wheels off altogether. 

Other Greenlight Plan Features

Greenlight Infinity creates a more comprehensive experience of financial learning and physical safety. But the addition of new safety features doesn’t mean Greenlight Infinity users will miss out on the long-time features of the app. 

With the Greenlight Infinity plan, you and your child will still have plenty of financial literacy tools at your disposal. A few of these worthwhile features include:

  • Instant transfers: You can set up automatic transfers into your kid’s account or instantly move money at any time. 
  • Set spending controls: You have the power to set limits to reign in your child’s spending. As your child grows, you can adapt the parameters as you see fit. 
  • Notifications: As a parent, you can opt to receive notifications about your child’s spending habits. 
  • Black debit card: Your child can get a sleek black card for their purchases. Or even opt for a customizable debit card. 
  • Up to 5% on Savings
  • Family location sharing
  • SOS emergency alerts
  • Crash detection

When you sign up for Greenlight, you should expect a comprehensive financial literacy experience for your family. If you are seeking physical protection as well, the safety features offered through Greenlight Infinity are worthwhile. 

Is Greenlight Infinity Worth It?

Greenlight Infinity plan safety and independence

Greenlight Infinity comes with a relatively hefty tag. At $14.98 per month, that will take a $179.76 bite out of your annual budget. However, the plan includes the ability to add up to five kids or teens plus all of  the security features. If you use other apps for such features plus this financial tool, the cost is pretty relative.

As a parent, you can find free ways to track your child’s phone location without the Greenlight app. Other apps also offer crash detection and an SOS button. But the ability to monitor your child’s financial transactions and physical activities all in a single place is a worthwhile opportunity. 

If you are already a Greenlight customer, or like the financial literacy tools available through the platform, then the price point is worth it. In my opinion, the base features of Greenlight’s financial teaching tools are very robust. You’ll have plenty of resources as you teach your child about money. 

The 5% savings reward on kids’ savings is an especially useful way to show them the results of diligent saving. The 5% savings reward alone might make the entire Greenlight Infinity plan worth it. After all, that’s an impressive opportunity to grow savings. 

But if you are only interested in the safety features, there are free options out there. 

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You’ve got questions about debit cards for kids. And we have the answers you’ve been searching for. 

Are debit cards safe for kids?

In general, debit cards for kids offer built-in safety features. A few include transaction monitoring and real-time alerts to help you easily spot fraud activity. Plus, parental controls allow you to set limits to control how much your child is spending and what stores they can shop at. 

Beyond the built-in safety features, the funds themselves are protected against loss. Greenlight cards are issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, which offers FDIC insurance. Essentially, FDIC insurance means that your funds are protected for up to $250,000. With that, you’ll be able to recoup funds up to that amount even if the bank closes. 

How do I keep my kids debit card safe?

When your child gets their first debit card, learning how to keep it safe is a part of the process. As a parent, you can step in to teach them about best practices for debit card safety. Work with them to set up a safe place to keep their card. 

Although it’s easy to replace a debit card through Greenlight, learning the importance of protecting their debit card is an important lesson for kids. 

What happens if my child loses their Greenlight debit card?

It’s easy to replace your debit card with Greenlight. The process starts by turning the missing card off to prevent any unnecessary charges. After the card is off, you can order a replacement card through the app. 

You can replace the first lost card for free. But if you need an additional replacement card, it’s $3.50 per pop. 

How do I contact Greenlight customer service if I have questions? 

It’s natural to run into questions when working with Greenlight. If you need help, there’s someone ready to help you around the clock. The easiest way to get in touch is through a short contact form on the company’s website. 

You can also reach out via text at 404-974-3024 or call 888-483-2645 for assistance. 

Is there a free option with Greenlight?

You can sign up for a one-month free trial. But after that one-month mark, you’ll have to start paying for the subscription. 

The free trial offers a useful opportunity to determine if Greenlight is the right fit for you and your family. 

Can my child create a custom debit card?

Yes, Greenlight offers the option to create a custom debit card for your child. When your child orders a custom debit card, they can add any picture they want to the card. It’s a fun option. But it costs $9.99 to make a unique card. 

What age should you get a debit card for your kid?

You can get a debit card for a child of any age. But the right age varies based on your child’s unique qualities. You’ll have to decide when you feel your child is responsible enough for the privileges that come along with a debit card. 

In some cases, you might wait until they are teenagers. But in other cases, you might feel comfortable setting them up with a debit card earlier. If you aren’t sure your child is ready for a debit card just yet, you can start by teaching them about basic money management strategies, like the importance of saving, before jumping to this next level. 


As a parent looking for a way to build smart financial habits with your children, Greenlight doesn’t disappoint. The platform offers an accessible way for your kids to learn the basics before their money decisions have major consequences. 

There’s no denying that the financial literacy tools offered through Greenlight are worthwhile. The addition of safety features to Greenlight’s Infinity platform is a nice bonus, especially if your teen is resistant to downloading more apps with safety features in mind. 

Ready to learn more about Greenlight Infinity? Sign up for the right plan today. 

Greenlight Disclaimer:  Greenlight is a financial technology company, not a bank. The Greenlight app facilitates banking services through Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC.