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  1. While in college, I earned quite a few bucks with freelance writing. It was back then I realized I could actually freelance write full-time! I didn’t think to sign-up for any courses, I just signed up for different platforms (like Fiverr and similar ones) and started earning. It took a while to build up a good reputation, but it was all worth it.

    • That would be a great gig as a college student. I imagine you could be writing articles in your dorm room or at the librar, on a flexible schedule. What a great idea, and that is awesome that it turned into a full-time career!

    • I’m confused. How can I earn money? I have many problems.

      • For most of these, you only need an internet connection and a passion to write. I got started on Upwork because you can bid on jobs instead of waiting for clients to find you.

  2. Don’t rule out babysitting! I went back to college in my late 40’s in Seattle and made very decent money ($10 to $15 an hour) watching kids.

    The beauty part: Kids go to bed around 8 or 8:30 p.m. The rest of the evening was mine. I looked at it as being paid to study.

    • We have several family friends that babysit. It’s a great opportunity for teens and adults. If you have the opportunity to study once they go to bed, it can be some of the easiest money you can make.

  3. Wow. These are great tips, Josh!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like them.

  4. With public college costs increasing every year, and even more for private colleges, finding enough money can seem impossible. Paid internships are always the best option for students.

    • That’s a good option to consider. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a great post. By the way, you have some unique ideas to make money from online platforms. I have a similar post, but it’s not detailed like yours. I think this post will help me in making my upcoming money making posts. The tutor idea is great. Please make a separate post on that topic. One of my friends was interested in that topic.

    • Thanks for your kind words and response. I’m glad this post helped you out. I may have to check out the idea of a post focused on tutoring. Good luck with your blog.

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