March Blogging Income Total

It’s time again to share how much cash I made from blogging last month. Last month, which was the first month that I reported my blogging income, I made just over $940 from online blogging income sources.

This month I’m happy to say I’ve surpassed that level, but before I get to the numbers I’m sharing today the backstory of how I got started making money by blogging.

How I Started Making Money Online

When my wife Kim and I got married in 2008, we combined our finances and realized that we were sitting with $52,000 in consumer debt. Seeing the numbers on paper really shocked us. We knew individually that we had debt, but we just weren’t aware of the total magnitude of the debt because we’d never sat down and written it on paper.

When we saw the total number, we got scared real quick and decided that we didn’t want to spend our married lives struggling with money. So we paid off that $52k in debt in just 18 months. After a year and a half of hard work, we were totally free of consumer debt.

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One of the (many) great things getting debt free did for us was that it meant that I was no longer tied to my day job. With Kim’s support, I quit my day job and started working for myself. Because we didn’t need all of the extra income to pay for our massive amount of consumer debt, we could live comfortably on my wife’s income, and I was free to start building my own business.

I really wanted to help others achieve the same debt freedom success that Kim and I had achieved, so I decided to start the Well Kept Wallet blog. The purpose of the blog was to help and encourage others to work their way out of debt, but I found after a short amount of time blogging that I could actually make money with the blog.

So I started to learn the process of the many different ways you can make money by blogging. Making money through blogging is a process, but you have to first start a blog if you’re going to begin the process of earning income by blogging.

As I started my blog, I worked every month to learn how to make money while still providing quality, useful content for Well Kept Wallet readers. and soon the money began to roll in.

I began sharing the breakdown of my monthly income last month as a way to encourage readers to start their own blog or other business, and I hope that these reports will show that anyone – no matter their lack of experience – can begin making money online.

Here’s how I made over a thousand dollars last month from blogging.

March Blog Income Report

Total: $1175.48

I debated about whether to include the sources that didn’t make any money this last month, but I decided to include them to show that not every affiliate source will necessarily make money every month – and that’s okay. That’s also why it’s important to implement multiple income sources into your blog. With multiple potential sources, you can be sure that at least some are producing income each month.

I’m often asked what the key is to making income through affiliates on a blog. I think it starts with two things: quality content and consistent effort. If you’re putting out quality content on a consistent basis, you’ll eventually gain the readership needed to start making money through affiliates. This is a process that likely won’t happen overnight, but will take time and effort on a long-term basis.

Can Anyone Make Money Blogging?

I believe that anyone can make money blogging. By starting a blog that serves others well, and by educating yourself on the various ways of making income from blogging, you can start a blog and start earning money from it just as I and countless others have done.

Don’t give up on your dreams of making money online. There are all kinds of ways to make passive income and ways to make non-passive income by starting your own business.

So get started today and start working toward your own dreams of debt freedom and business ownership.

What questions do you have about how to make money through blogging? Share in the comments below. 


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