It’s been a learning process for me as I try different techniques to see the fluctuations from my various income streams. Owning your own business is never boring – that is for sure. A successful business requires continuing education and I chose to get my education from the school of hard knocks.

To stay up to speed, I listen to podcasts as well as read articles on how to build a blog that will best benefit readers and maximize my earnings at the same time. Education is key in the ever-changing world of blogging and Internet businesses.

Here’s how I did income wise for the month of May and the breakdown of where my earnings came from.

May Blog Income Report

Total: $937.58

WKW Income May
If you’ve been following my monthly online income reports since I’ve been posting them starting in February of this year, you’ll know that my blog income for this month is lower than it was last month.

This is something that you need to know and expect if you’re considering starting your own blog in order to make money. Any time you’re working for yourself, you will most likely have income fluctuations from month to month. Commissions and affiliate sales numbers change depending on the interest of the viewers that go to your site on any given month. Native advertising sources change from month to month as well.

It’s important to take these income fluctuations into consideration as you learn to manage the money you earn. I can tell you that these monthly income fluctuations wouldn’t be nearly as easy to take if Kim and I hadn’t eliminated our $52,000 in consumer debt all those years ago. Being consumer debt free (we’re currently working on paying off our mortgage early) has given me the freedom to quit the 9-to-5 and work for myself as I use my passion for helping people get out of debt to make money and build wealth.

If you’re interested in dumping your debt so that you can start your own business, or if you just want to crush your debt in order to have the freedom to do what you want to do, check out my course called Debt Free in 18 Months.

That’s it for this month. Be sure to check out my other blog income reports and to tune in next month to see how I do for the month of June.

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