Side hustling is the wave of the future. With so many options for working on your terms, there’s no reason not to start a side hustle – or two – of your own.

The mobile apps listed here offer you ten ways to make money when you want to.

The great thing about this list is that each app works differently and they each require varying amounts of your time.

This means you can work some apps when you’ve only got a few spare minutes, and other apps when you’ve got a few spare hours – and they all add up to more money for you.

Check out this list of cash-producing mobile apps and get started today on bringing in money to reach your financial goals.

Legit Money-Making Mobile Apps

1. Paribus

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Paribus is a completely free service that searches stores they monitor for lower prices on items you’ve purchased online. Once the Paribus app detects a lower price on something you’ve bought, they refund you 100% of the difference!

Making money in your spare time is easy with the many different apps available for easy download onto your phone.

2. Achievement

Minimum time required: 30 Minutes

Achievement only takes a few minutes outside of your normal daily activities and rewards you for things you’re already doing to stay healthy (or at least you should be doing!).

It gives you points for things like tracking and syncing your steps and activities, posting photos of your food, and more.

The easiest part is, if you’re already using a health app, like FitBit, MyFitnessPal, or Apple’s Health app, Achievement can get most of the data from there.

Every 10,000 Achievement points will earn you a $10 cash reward.

3. Rize

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Rize is a new app that helps you make the most of the money you save by helping you set goals and earn 0.9% interest on your savings.

The app will let you set an unlimited number of savings goals, such as saving for Christmas, an emergency fund, a vacation, and more.

They also allow you to move money in and out of your Rize account at any time and don’t require any monthly minimums for saving.

The app is also unique because they only ask users to pay what they want for using the service, and the app has no fees.

4. Door Dash

Minimum time required: 1 Hour

Door Dash has received over 10 million orders to date, meaning over 10 million income-earning opportunities for its “dashers”.

Door Dash hooks restaurant owners up with drivers who are willing to deliver meals ordered by clients with very little notice.

As a dasher for Door Dash, you’ll deliver restaurant meals and other goods to clients. The Door Dash Mobile App makes it super easy to accept delivery jobs when you want to.

After you’re approved to be a dasher, you simply use your Door Dash app to sign in when you’re available for deliveries and sign out when you’re not.

When a delivery becomes available, you decide whether or not you want to take it. Door Dash takes care of the payment and pays dashers on a weekly basis. Many dashers earn tips as well.

5. Birch Finance

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Birch Finance is a unique app that can help you earn cash back for shopping you’re already doing.

It’s unique from many other cash back apps because it analyzes your spending. Then it makes recommendations about which credit cards would be best suited for your spending patterns to help you earn as much cash back as possible.

It wades through all of the credit card offers on the market to help you save time and avoid confusion.

Plus, because of how it analyzes your spending, it can help you see where you might need to cut back a bit too.

6. Lyft

Minimum time required: 2 Hours

The Lyft app works similarly to the Door Dash app. The only difference is that while Door Dash has you delivering goods, Lyft has you bringing people to their preferred destinations.

You likely have heard about Lyft’s ridesharing service, but did you know they are paying a $300 bonus for signing up?

The Lyft app allows you to sign in and out as available when you please, and makes it super easy to accept riders when and where it’s convenient for you. Find out more in our Lyft guide.

7. Swagbucks

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Whereas the Door Dash and Lyft apps will work better if you’ve got an hour or more to spare, you can use your Swagbucks app to make money any time you want.

Even if you’ve only got a few minutes, you can use the Swagbucks app to earn a piece of the 200+ million dollars that Swagbucks has paid out so far to members.   

Swagbucks will award you points for things you’re probably already doing anyway, such as:

  • Taking surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the Internet
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games

You can use your accumulated points to buy an e-gift card to one of dozens of stores, or you can use your points to request a cash payment into your PayPal account.

8. Inbox Dollars

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Inbox Dollars is a great app that will allow you to earn points for taking surveys, shopping online, playing games and more. Points earned translate into cash for you.

Inbox Dollars has paid out over $50 million to its members to date. This is another app you can use even when you’ve got just a few extra minutes to spare or when you’re doing other things such as watching TV.

9. Ebates

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

Do you do a lot of online shopping? If so, using the Ebates app portal to direct you to the stores you shop at will put cash in your pocket for every purchase.

Ebates gives varying cash back rebates between 1% and 20% and more when you shop via the Ebates app at one of its 2,000+ partner stores.

Ebates offers cash back on a variety of stores from big box stores like Walmart and Target to specialty stores like Sephora and J. Crew.   

10. AskTrim

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

After you download the app, AskTrim does most of the work for you. You will only need to answer occasional questions about services you receive.

AskTrim users saved over $1 million in the last month alone by using the app to find and eradicate unwanted charges and fees from their accounts.

Here’s how it works: you need to give permission for AskTrim  to access your checking, savings and credit card accounts. Don’t worry, it’s secure.

AskTrim finds recurring subscriptions and double-checks with you via the app to be sure you want to continue paying those recurring charges. If you don’t, they’ll contact the biller and cancel your bill.

Bonus: AskTrim also negotiates fees you pay on bills you want to keep, such as auto insurance and cable service.

11. Ibotta

Minimum time required: 5 Minutes

The Ibotta app helps save you money on the things you buy every day. Ibotta has paid out over $200 million so far in cash back rebates to Ibotta members.

Here’s how it works: Before you shop, you use your Ibotta app to check for deals on the things you want to buy.

After you buy, you take a screenshot of your receipt and Ibotta gives you your cash rebates. It’s easy-as-pie to make money with the Ibotta rebate app.  

12. Decluttr

Minimum time required: 1 Hour

Decluttr is a company that will pay you cash for your unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games and more.  With the Decluttr app, you simply enter the ISBN numbers for your stuff and they’ll give you an immediate cash offer price.

After you accept their offer they send you a prepaid shipping label (for free), you send them your stuff, and they pay you cash via your PayPal account. It’s really that easy.

13. Lucktastic

Minimum time required: 5 minutes

When I say 5 minutes, I mean 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. That’s because Lucktastic is an app that has daily rewards, scratch card games, sweepstakes and more.

It’s available for Android and iPhone users. It’s free to download and play! Some activities in Lucktastic will give you cash and others will give you tokens.

Cash balances of $1 or more can be withdrawn using Dwolla. Tokens can be used to earn gift cards and enter contests and drawings on Lucktastic.

Since Lucktastic’s launch, there have been over 220,000 cash winners!

Have you used any of the above apps for making cash?

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