12 Best Money Saving Apps

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While some apps help you make money, there are others that make it easier to help you save money in a variety of ways.

A GoBankingRates survey reports that roughly 69% of surveyed Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, we know that saving more money is a necessity.

But how can you save more cash when the money seems to fly out of your bank account so quickly? Whether you’re saving for an emergency, for retirement or for something entirely different, there’s an app for you.

The following list of apps will help you save more money with little effort on your part. Since many of the apps listed are free to download, there’s no risk for you to try them out and see how much money you can save.

Apps for Long-Term Goals

These apps are best for long-term savings goals or large savings goals. Think retirement savings, home purchase savings or saving to reach financial independence.

1. Acorns

Acorns is an app that helps you use your leftover change to save more for retirement or other long term goals. Here’s how it works:

You start by linking your checking account and credit card to your Acorns app. For every purchase you make, Acorns rounds the purchase up to the next dollar.

The rounded up amount is then invested into the Acorns account of your choosing. You can open a retirement account or a non-retirement account with Acorns.

You get to choose which types of transactions to round up. Or you can have all of your transactions rounded up. Plus, you can “Turbocharge” your roundups to get extra money into your Acorns account.

Acorns has a variety of investment portfolios to choose from, from conservative to aggressive. Fees are between $1 and $3 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

2. Trim

Trim helps you save money a bit differently than the other apps here. This app enables you to save by finding hidden charges on your checking and credit card accounts.

You know those sneaky subscriptions that are automatically charged to your credit and debit cards? They may be things you forgot about, like magazine subscriptions, or the auto-renewal for your gym membership.

The Trim app seeks them out and asks you via text if you’re interested in keeping the recurring charge. If you’re not, Trim will contact the billing company for you and have the charge or service canceled.

Trim can even work to get you lower rates on auto insurance and cable bills.

Trim uses bank-level security with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure your private information stays safe as it works to save you money.

Take the money you save by using Trim and earmark it in your budget for emergency fund or other savings.

3. Chime

Chime is a free online bank that has two awesome savings features.

When you open a checking account and savings account with Chime, it can help you save in two ways. First, Chime has an Automatic Savings Program you can join.

When you join this program, Chime will “round up” any purchases you make with your free Chime Visa debit card. Then it will put the rounded up amount into your Chime savings account.

Second, when you enroll in Direct Deposit, you can join the “Save When You Get Paid” program. This program automatically transfers ten percent of all Direct Deposit paychecks into your Chime savings account.

4. Clarity Money

Clarity Money helps you save money by setting up automatic recurring deposits. Then it puts those deposits into a high-yield online savings account.

The Clarity Money app also has a “goals” feature that helps you set specific savings goals.

5. Rize

Rize is an SEC-registered investment advisor. When you open a Rize account, you can set up an unlimited number of savings goals.

Rize will automatically use your goals to transfer the necessary amount to reach them from your bank account into your Rize account(s).

What’s cool about Rize is that your money will sit in an interest-earning brokerage account until you’re ready to invest it. When you invest, you can invest in any number of a variety of available ETFs.

As long as you’re having at least $2 transferred to Rize each month, your account will stay active. The only fee Rize charges is an 0.25 percent asset management fee.

Rize also has Power Up and Boost features to help increase the amount of money you’re saving for your goals.

Apps for Short-Term Savings Goals

These apps can work best for short-term savings goals. Some examples include saving for holiday spending or saving for a vacation.

6. Qapital

Qapital helps you save money by using rule-based triggers to prompt savings deposits. You can use savings goals to help you create those triggers.

For instance, you can use fuel purchases to round up for your savings account for a new car. Or you can use cable TV fees to round up and save for a new television.

Qapital has three different pricing plans to choose from:

  • Basic: $3 per month
  • Complete: $6 per month
  • Master: $12 per month

The basic account simply helps you save for your goals. The Complete and Master accounts offer investment help options as well.

7. Simple

When you put money into your Simple account, it can help you save for specified goals.

You can have your paycheck direct deposited into your Simple account. Or you can transfer money from your main bank into your Simple account.

Simple lets you save money for specific goals by having you set up an automatic transfer on a regular basis. It also has a round-up feature that rounds up your purchases to help you save even more.

Your Simple balance earns a small interest rate of 0.01 percent. However, Protected Goals accounts can receive even more, as high as 1.40 percent.

8. Joy

Joy is a free money-saving app that analyzes your bank account activity to help you find ways to save. As it analyzes your spending, it suggests amounts to transfer from your checking account to your Joy savings account.

Joy won’t transfer the money automatically. Instead, it will wait for you to give your approval.

You can reduce or increase the amount of money Joy suggests you save for the day as well. Joy simply makes suggestions to help increase the amount of money you’re saving.

Apps to Save for College

Saving for college isn’t easy, but these apps can help.

9. UNest

The UNest savings app helps you save money for college in a 529 account. You can save in this account via automated deposits or occasional money transfers.

You can even allow friends and family members to transfer money into your child’s college fund via the UNest app.

The money you deposit into your UNest account will be invested based on the length of time until your child starts college and other factors.

It costs just $3 a month to use UNest.

10. Upromise

The Upromise app is another app that helps kids save for college. This app lets you set college savings goals and reach those goals through automatic deposits.

As a bonus, Upromise has a Mastercard credit card to help reach college savings goals.

Purchases made with the Upromise Mastercard earn cash back that goes directly into your Upromise 529 college fund.

Apps to Help Kids Save

Kids can learn to save money too. Here are a couple of apps geared toward helping kids save money.

11. Kidfund

Kidfund is a savings account designed specifically for kids. There are no fees to have a Kidfund account. And kids a competitive interest on the first $500 they save.

Parents can contribute money to their child’s Kidfund account. And friends and family members can add gift monies to a child’s Kidfund account as well.

Also, you can set up an automatic deposit to your child’s Kidfund account too.

12. BusyKid

BusyKid is an app that helps kids to earn, save, donate, spend and invest money.

With the earning feature on the app, parents can set up regular or occasional chores. Kids complete the tasks and mark on the app when they’re finished.

Every Friday, the money kids earn is direct deposited into their BusyKid account. Out of every week’s earnings, a percentage goes directly into your child’s BusyKid savings account.

Your child also has the option to donate money via the app too. Other features include a prepaid Visa spending card and the ability to purchase portions of stock shares.

There are no monthly fees for the BusyKid app. However, there are other fees associated with investing and with the spending card.


There’s no shortage of ways to save money if you’ve got the right smartphone apps at your fingertips. And there are a variety of apps available for all types of savings goals.

Whether you want to save for short term goals like going on vacation, or long term goals like saving for retirement, you can find an app to help.

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