15 Best Money Saving Apps for 2019

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While some apps help you make money, there are others that make it easier to help you save money in a variety of ways.

Best Money Saving Apps

The following list of apps will help you save more money with little effort on your part. And since many of the apps listed are free to download, there’s no risk for you to try them out and see just how much money you can save.

1. Paribus

Paribus is a 100% free service that helps you get cash back on recent purchases. When the Paribus Receipt Fetcher gets authorized access to your email inbox, it searches for receipts on purchases you’ve made in the last several days.

The app then scans store ads to look for items you’ve bought that have gone on sale for a lower price than you paid.

When Paribus finds a lower price, they contact the store on your behalf and request a refund of the price difference.

If the eligibility terms for the price difference are met, the store will credit the difference back to your credit card, or issue a store credit for the money savings depending on what the store policy is.

They do all of the work, you get all of the savings.

2. Trim

Trim helps you save money by finding hidden charges on your checking and credit card accounts.

You know those sneaky subscriptions that are automatically charged to your credit and debit cards? They may be things you forgot about, like magazine subscriptions, the auto-renewal for your gym membership, etc.

The Trim app seeks them out and asks you via text if you’re interested in keeping the recurring charge. If you’re not, Trim will contact the billing company for you and have the charge or service cancelled.

Trim can even work to get you lower rates on auto insurance and cable bills.

Trim uses bank level security with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure your private information stays safe as it works to save you money.

3. Ibotta

Ibotta rewards you with money-saving offers for doing simple tasks.

Here’s how it works: after you download the Ibotta app onto your phone, you can add great money-saving offers to your phone by completing quick and easy tasks such as answering questions.

After you choose the money-saving offers you want to take advantage of, you can purchase the deals on your next trip to the store.

When you’ve completed the purchase, you simply take a picture of the receipt, send it to Ibotta and they’ll refund your cash directly to your Ibotta account.

You can then transfer the money you’ve saved with Ibotta to your PayPal account.  

There are actually many apps like ibotta

4. Ebates

Ebates helps you save money on purchases you make every day. The app is free and simple to use.

Before you do your online shopping, make sure you access Ebates first. Choose to enter the websites of the stores you want to shop at through the Ebates portal, and you’ll automatically be offered a discount on your purchases.

If you use Chrome on your computer, you can install their easy-to-use extension. This way you don’t have to go to the portal before you start shopping. A popup will alert you if an Ebates disount is available whenever you to a participating retailer’s website.

Discounts can range anywhere from 2% to 40%, and are available at thousands of stores such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s and more.

The discounted prices show up right in your cart before you purchase, meaning your money savings is happening in real time.

5. RetailMeNot

You may have heard of coupon giant RetailMeNot. Well, this money-saving company has introduced a free app that can make your money saving even easier.

The RetailMeNot app works both with in-store purchases and online purchases. For in-store deals, you simply show the coupon to the cashier at checkout and they can scan the barcode to reflect your savings.

Coupons for online purchases can be accessed with checkout promo codes.

The app also shows you additional available deals at stores near you in case you want to save some more money when you’re already out shopping.

6. Snip Snap

The Snip Snap app helps you avoid losing money when you accidentally leave your coupons at home. The free app works in two different ways.

First, it allows you to take pictures of the coupons you cut out at home and turns them into mobile-ready offers you can show to cashiers at checkout.

Second, Snip Snap gives you access to its coupon database so you can find your coupons on the go. This ways you won’t have to worry about scouring through ads and finding coupons in the paper.

7. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is an intuitive shopping list that allows you to build your list quickly with features such as predictive search and barcode scanning.

Basically, it makes your grocery shopping tasks a whole lot easier by using prior shopping information to help you create faster lists.

On the money-saving side of things, Grocery IQ also has a feature that allows you to print or email coupons for the items you buy from your Grocery IQ account.

This app can help you streamline your grocery shopping and save money at the same time.  

8. Groupon

Groupon shares deals in a wide variety of areas such as travel getaways, restaurant deals, shopping, services and more.

With the Groupon app, you can have access to those deals right from your smartphone. The app will help you take advantage of Groupon deals such as the Deal of the Day quickly and easily no matter where you’re at.

9. Living Social

Living Social is another website that shares great money-saving deals on entertainment, services and travel opportunities.

Similar to Groupon, Living Social gives you access to deep discounts on fun stuff such as restaurant visits, jewelry or clothing purchases.

By downloading the Living Social app onto your smartphone, you can have instant access to the deals they share.


GasBuddy offers you a quick and easy way to find the lowest gas prices near you. Simply enter in the zip code where you’ll be filling up and GasBuddy will populate a list of the nearest gas stations and their current per-gallon prices.

In a recent search for gas prices in my area, I found an 8 cents per gallon difference within a few blocks of two stations.

It’s so much easier to save money on gas when you use the GasBuddy app.

11. BestParking

Just last week I spent $16 to park directly at an event, only to find out as we left that there was free parking right across the street.

Now that I know better, I’ll use the Best Parking app when I need to find parking. This app allows you to enter a city and coordinating destination in order to find all of your available parking options and how much they’ll cost.

You can choose from a number of different destination options such as landmarks, museums, theaters and more.

This is a great app for frequent travelers and people whodon’t want to pay more for parking than they have to.

12. Expensify

If you’re a business owner, or work a side hustle such as driving for Uber or Lyftthe Expensify app can help make your life a lot easier.

Expensify helps you create – and submit if you’d like – expense reports by simply taking a picture of business expenses.

So, if you fill up the gas tank for company business, just take a picture of the gas station receipt. Then, Expensify will create an expense report using SmartScan technology.

Expensify will help you be more organized with business expenses so that you don’t miss out on tax deductions that can save you serious cash.

13. Campus Special

The Campus Special app is geared toward college students and those living in or visiting areas near colleges.

What does it do? The Campus Special app helps you to redeem multiple offers from businesses year-round and rewards loyalty points as well.

Find deals on restaurant meals, look for apartments near campus and more. It’s a great resource for college students looking for deals on food or services.

14. Savings Catcher

If you shop at Walmart frequently, I highly recommend the Walmart Savings Catcher app. Savings Catcher allows you to enter your Walmart receipt numbers so it can search surrounding stores for lower prices.

When it finds a lower price, you get a credit to a virtual Walmart gift card. The Savings Catcher app allows you to scan your receipt numbers instead of entering the numbers by hand, saving you time and money.

15. SavingStar

SavingStar has a free app that helps you save money on groceries. By using the SavingStar app, you can search the web for money saving coupons on items you buy at the store.

You can either use a registered credit or debit card (at participating stores) for instant savings, or scan your receipt to get your refund.

The money you save goes into your SavingStar account and can then be transferred to your PayPal account, your bank account or donated to your favorite charity.

There’s no shortage of ways to save money if you’ve got the right smartphone apps at your fingertips.

Which of these apps have you used to help save money?

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