Morning Brew Review: Is it Worth it?

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Would you like to get your morning brew delivered directly to your inbox? 

No, we don’t mean your daily cup of joe. We are talking about the Morning Brew email newsletter that covers the news you want to know about.

This Morning Brew review will share whether the platform follows through on its claim to make you “smarter in minutes.”


Morning Brew is a free online news publication that covers a variety of business and personal topics via its newsletter selection and its podcast selection. And it offers all of its information for free. Users will find helpful articles in all genres ranging from self-care to business management.


  • Time-management friendly
  • Expansive variety of information
  • Appeals to wide audience
  • 100% free


  • In-content ads within publications

What is Morning Brew?

Whether you’re a CEO making a multi-million dollar income or a stay-at-home parent, Morning Brew promises to have something for you.

The company was founded by college students Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief. Today, it is majority-owned by Inside, Inc. and boasts over 3 million subscribers.

When you subscribe to the Morning Brew newsletter or any of its partner publications, you’ll get a variety of news articles on a range of topics. 

The articles are “quick bites” that can tell you what you need to know without taking up much of your time.

Morning Brew’s political stance is unbiased, making it attractive for a wide variety of users.

How Does Morning Brew Work?

All you have to do to get the Morning Brew newsletter in your inbox is sign up.

Morning Brew home

After you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation request to verify that you want to register. Once you’ve confirmed your request, you’ll start getting the newsletter. 

The Morning Brew sends email newsletters every day except for Sunday.

You also have access to the Morning Brew podcasts as well as several other newsletter publications the site publishes. 

Both the newsletters and the podcasts are to-the-point. They share valuable information in a bite-sized amount of time. 

You can access all of the information on the site at any time and unsubscribe easily as well.

How Much Does Morning Brew Cost? 

Subscribing to Morning Brew is free. As a subscriber, you won’t pay anything to access newsletters or podcasts.

However, you might wonder how Morning Brew makes money. Most of the $13+ million revenue the company brings in comes from advertising products and services.

That said, Morning Brew commits to focusing on really getting to know their subscribers and sharing only value-added branding to their members.

The company works hard to identify subscriber needs and share brands that fit those needs. 

Plus, they review their email subscriber list often and delete subscriptions that go unread for long periods of time. 

Key Features of Morning Brew

Morning Brew has an expansive list of features that fit many different genres of consumers. 


You can choose from several newsletters that Morning Brew publishes. Or, if all the options interest you, it’s possible to subscribe to all of them.

We have broken down the various newsletter options below, but you can visit the Morning Brew website to learn more.

Morning Brew featured stories

Morning Brew Newsletter

The Morning Brew newsletter was the company’s first publication. It runs six days a week. 

When you subscribe to Morning Brew, you’ll get business information such as:

  • Up-to-date market summaries
  • World news
  • Geopolitics
  • Non-political cartoons

And other relevant information. 

At only two to three paragraphs in length, the articles are short and can be read in less than a minute or two. Plus, fun memes are also included.

Money Scoop 

The Money Scoop newsletter runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This publication shares information about a variety of financial subjects.

When you subscribe to Money Scoop, you’ll receive a twice-weekly newsletter with articles on retirement, investing, money lifestyle, budgeting, taxes and more.


The Sidekick newsletter focuses on helping you live better. In this newsletter, you’ll get articles with tips on how to help you live smarter and healthier.

You can find articles here on topics such as organization, rejuvenation, eating healthy, relationships, exercise and more.

Emerging Tech Brew

The Emerging Tech Brew focuses on all things technology-related. When you read this newsletter, you might learn about the latest AI developments.

You could also learn about the latest developments concerning electric vehicles. You’ll even find articles on how technology is helping improve the lives of people around the globe.

Additionally, you’ll discover articles that focus on smaller-scale technology to help you live a better life at home or work.

HR Brew

HR Brew helps HR department staff focus on hiring employees and providing the right incentives as well as benefits to those employees.

This publication also shares what’s new in the world of HR. It even reveals tips on how you can better serve your peers and your superiors. 

Marketing Brew

The Marketing Brew newsletter shares information that will help you keep up-to-date on the latest marketing tips and techniques.

You’ll find articles on improving your social media reach, how to get more advertising revenue and what the best places are to advertise for your business. 

The articles in this newsletter are helpful whether you’re running a large corporation, a small non-profit or a one-person business. 

Retail Brew

The Retail Brew newsletter publication is primarily for those who work in retail sales. 

In this newsletter, you’ll get articles about interesting ways other companies are reaching out to consumers.

You’ll also learn about the latest retail news, including mergers, product releases and leadership changes. 

Plus, you’ll get tips on the latest trends in retail and whether or not they’ll work for your business. 

Money With Katie

The Money With Katie newsletter shares the latest financial tips and tricks to help you “manifest your financial freedom.”

This newsletter publishes every day except for Wednesday and shares money management tips such as budgeting, investment and tax strategies. 


Morning Brew offers free podcasts that make for good listening as you make your trek into work.

There are three podcasts offered through the publication:

  • Business Casual
  • Founders Journal
  • Imposters

The Business Casual podcast shares light-to-medium-weight articles on topics ranging from being a successful social media influencer to navigating the U.S. healthcare system.

Morning brew business casual

You’ll find a host of podcast sessions that accomplish dual purposes, including helping you learn and keeping you entertained. 

The Founders Journal podcast shares more in-depth articles on how to run and manage your business. 

For instance, you’ll find articles on how to crush your next presentation or how to identify the most dangerous traits in employees.

This podcast is geared toward the listener who has a serious desire to better their craft and company. 

Last but not least, the Imposters podcast shares entertaining, heartwarming and helpful articles on how to live and manage your life.

Some recent titles on the Imposters podcast include:

  • How Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan Got Sober
  • Miki Agrawal on Finding Success Through Fighting Shame
  • How Kayak Co-Founder Paul English Overcame Bi-Polar Disorder

As you can tell, the Imposters podcast gets real about getting real in life. All three podcasts have something to offer almost every listener. 

Morning Brew Courses

Morning Brew offers paid online courses as well. You can choose from Skill Accelerator classes and Career Accelerator classes. 

Examples of classes you might find in the Skill Accelerator section include Build Your Audience and Impactful Storytelling.

Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for Skill Accelerator classes. Each class lasts roughly three weeks. 

Career Accelerator classes are more comprehensive. Examples of classes include Accelerator classes, Quantitative classes and Leadership classes.

These classes are designed to “accelerate the careers of top-performing professionals.” Expect to pay over $1,000 for each of these classes. 

Most Career Accelerator classes last seven to eight weeks. 

Fun Extras

Morning Brew features a host of fun “extras” on the site as well. You can find crossword puzzles and quizzes, a tax guide, crash courses in subjects such as crypto and more. 

There’s no cost to take advantage of these extra features. Simply access them on your desktop or mobile device. 

Additionally, If you end up being a fan of the platform, it sells merchandise like apparel, hats, keychains, mugs and more. This way, you can share your love of the Morning Brew with others.

Customer Reviews

Reading reviews about services and products can help you determine if an offering is right for you. However, there are limited reviews about Morning Brew across the various rating websites.

Morning Brew is listed on Trustpilot and has a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. However, there are only five reviews listed on the site.

Here are snippets from the reviews for Morning Brew on Trustpilot:

“What can I say! I’m impressed! Really nice short roundup of what’s happening in the financial world. They tell you at the beginning of the newsletters what subjects are being discussed so you can quickly ignore if not interested.” – Losingallhopewasfreedom

“Disappointed.” – Chesral Chen

“This has actually saved me a lot of time and I love it.” – Mario

Despite unsubscribing from the emails via the “unsubscribe” links numerous times and even contacting their support team, I am STILL receiving emails from them.” – Daniel H.

Alternatives To Morning Brew

While there are many newsletters out there, there are not that many that compare closely to Morning Brew.

That said, there are a couple that are somewhat similar. These could be better options for you depending on your preferences.


Accelerated is focused on connecting students and recent grads who are interested in startups and venture capital.

Like Morning Brew, the Accelerated newsletter is free. It shares news and information about tech and venture capital.

The publication also shares job information, which is a nice benefit. There is even a job board and a discussion board on Accelerated.

The Verge

The Verge is fairly similar to Morning Brew. It’s a free publication that focuses on a variety of news genres such as tech, science, entertainment and more.

They have roughly five different newsletters to choose from, including one on congressional hearings related to the tech world and the Verge Deals newsletter, which shares the latest online shopping deals. 

Keep in mind that The Verge does disclose that you need to opt-out if you don’t want your personal information sold to third parties.


If you are still on the fence about whether or not to sign up for Morning Brew, these FAQs might be able to help.

Does Morning Brew share only U.S. news? 

90% of the news Morning Brew newsletters share pertain to the U.S. simply because that’s where the majority of subscribers reside. 

However, the other 10% of news the publication shares is global news.

Do I have to sign up for each newsletter separately? 

Yes, you have to sign up for each newsletter and podcast separately. 

However, you can unsubscribe from all of them at once by hitting the “update email preferences” link at the bottom of any newsletter. 

Why am I not receiving Morning Brew in the morning? 

Morning Brew’s email service provider sends out emails based on the Eastern time zone. It doesn’t have the capability to segment subscribers by time zone. 

For that reason, you might receive your Morning Brew newsletter earlier or later in the day depending on where you live.

Does Morning Brew have a referral program? 

Yes. When you refer friends who sign up for Morning Brew, you get credit for the referral. 

After you achieve designated referral milestones, you get a code to shop for your free prize at the Morning Brew store.


Morning Brew delivers relevant news directly to your inbox almost daily.

The content is presented in a light-hearted but meaningful way. Between the multiple publications and the podcasts, there’s something for everyone. 

Plus, the fact that the service is free is a major perk for subscribers. You can try one (or more) newsletters risk-free and unsubscribe with no penalty if the platform is not a good fit for you.

Overall, this service is worth testing out to see if it meets your news consumption needs.