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  1. I think, unless otherwise required, one should not go for no exam life insurance. An exam takes only a few minutes with no unbearable experience and it is the best choice when one has others depending on them. It surely is good to find a list of 19 companies in one place.

    • I think many people do put up with the exam to get their life insurance. However, as mentioned in the article, some people can’t get life insurance with the exam due to medical conditions. In those cases, these types of life insurance might be alternatives.

  2. I’m trying to get life insurance on my brother. He has had some medical problems. He has had a stroke and a heart attack in the past. My brother is young. We would like to know can you help us with life insurance? Or can you direct us to someone who can?

    • This post is for you and your brother, then. Try out some of the links listed. That may get you started in your search for life insurance.

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