Curriculum for Personal Finance

We have created a personal finance curriculum for various mediums over the years as part of our wider vision to get people from where they are to where they want to be with their finances. It is our belief that the school system is a great outlet for this curriculum, whether it is at the high school or the college level. Therefore, we have created a curriculum that can be inserted into current classes like (but not limited to) Economics or Consumer Finance, so that teenagers and young adults have access to this information early on in life.

Brief list of personal finance curriculum options that we offer

  • High School – curriculum that can be inserted to existing social studies classes
  • Home School – if you are looking to teach your children about personal finance at home, this is for you.
  • College – an entire semester long course that can be taught at a university level
  • Custom – curriculum that can be designed for any audience, at any age level

What is included:

  • A teacher workbook
  • A student workbook
  • PowerPoints
  • Supplemental videos and forms accessible online

What makes our curriculum different

A message from the owner

As a personal finance expert, I have seen both sides of the spectrum; people who are very poor as well as people who are very well-off. Because of this, I have learned what to do as well as what not to do from a financial perspective. I take the principles that wealthy people apply to their lives and I created practical activities and lessons to teach these valuable insights. These principles include lessons on how to spending less than you make, avoiding the use of debt by finding alternative ways to purchase items, investing for the long-term, as well as many others.

It was my goal to create something that relates to the target audience (young adults), so I use stories and activities that really resonate at that age level. It is one thing to teach sound personal finance , but it is even more challenging to get the students to engage with the material and to apply it to their lives. Imagine a world where people were not enslaved by debt, where everyone had money in the bank and where the average person had over $1 million in retirement savings. That is the world that I plan to create, and I hope that you decide to use our curriculum to help make that possible.


Deacon Hayes

Founder and President
Well Kept Wallet, LLC