Matt Theriault from EpicRealEstate.comA military boot camp is aimed to mold and hone participants into being individuals who are fit for the job which can be life-changing. It may not seem this way the moment you get off the bus on your first day when you are scared, intimidated and with no idea what will happen next. No, this podcast is not focused on being in the military but in this episode, you will learn the elements of a boot camp which you can help you become successful at whatever you do.

Our guest for this episode is Matt Theriault, a real estate investor, entrepreneur and a coach who shows people how to invest in real estate so they can achieve financial freedom. He is also a Desert Storm veteran and the man behind

What you will learn in this episode

  • Matt’s journey from being in the music industry to earning $7/hour in a grocery store, to making a name for himself and becoming a real estate guru.
  • All about Financial Freedom Fridays and how the show can lead you to financial freedom through passive income.
  • His key take-aways from the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and how these impacted his life.
  • The distinction between real estate investments, defining what a good deal is and how to find a good one.
  • The skills he gained in the Marine Corps and the things he learned from boot camp which he continues to apply up to this day.
  • The most difficult aspect in his line of work and how having a business coach pushed his business to be more productive.
  • Essential tips for those who want to achieve financial freedom through passive income.

Quotes from Matt

“It’s not making a lot of money, it’s not having money a lot of money in the bank. What makes you wealthy is how long you can survive without having to go to work.”

“The real deals in real estate happen when you find people who need to sell.”

“When running a business, aspiring to lose weight or whatever that may be, you’re going to have challenges. The secret is persistence and consistency.”

“Hire for character, then train the skill.”

“If you want passive income, your day-to-day activities will be very different than if you are more interested in making more money.”

How to connect with Matt


Youtube: Epic Real Estate Investing

iTunes: Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast

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