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  1. Brad - Financial Life Planning

    My information was stolen a few years back. Thankfully they didn’t open any accounts in my name, but they attempted – two years in a row – to file false income tax returns with the IRS asking for huge refunds.

    I had to freeze my credit reporting (as mentioned above) and also set up a special PIN for future income tax filings.

    While it’s a hassle, I definitely got away from this better than many others.

    • Deacon

      Wow, that’s awful! That’s crazy that it happened two years in a row! I hope it never happens to you again! Thanks for your comments.

  2. Kelly Geer

    Sure, that sounds well and good, but, it is up to the credit card company to decide if they agree that there are fraudulent charges. If they decide to ignore your fraud complaint and refuse to process your billing disputes, because the gang that used your information made stolen purchases all in your name, apparently they can just decide that they are not going to believe you and ignore you. And, if you are unemployed, and can’t get a job because they screwed your credit score, that is how their entrapment works. It’s a set up. The state of Illinois lets it go on. One of the most corrupt states.

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