How to Save More Money This Holiday Season With Paribus

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Too often, we think that the only two days we can save money during the holiday shopping season are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While you can certainly save big on these two much-anticipated shopping days, the truth is, saving money is a possibility every single day of the week, thanks to a service called Paribus.

Paribus is a free service that scans your purchases through receipts in your inbox and will issue you a difference if it notices a price drop after your purchase. Isn’t technology awesome?

Shopper’s Dilemma of Sale Items and Extra Markdowns

You probably already know that combing the sale ads and shopping online are two surefire ways to consistently find the best deals. The only problem is these strategies just aren’t enough when you have a tight budget and need to make every dollar count.

Online prices fluctuate and you never know precisely when prices will go lower or higher. In a last-minute push, retailers might drop prices on all the top gifts. But, if you wait for the sale, you risk the item being out of stock when you’re finally ready to buy.

Another risk is that the gift may not arrive by Christmas, with the busy holiday season, especially if it’s shipping from the other side of the country.

Because you don’t want to risk experiencing either of these two scenarios, you buy the item today and hope you don’t overpay.

This is a perfect example of how Paribus can help you. Paribus is an independent, online price monitoring service that notifies you whenever the price drops on your recent purchases, and you effortlessly collect the refund.

Before discovering Paribus, I always thought all price-matching negotiations, coupons, and rebates had to be applied before I made the purchase. I thought if the price dropped afterward, I was out the difference.

Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse with Price Drop Refunds

If you’re ready to say save extra money each time there’s a price drop, you need to check out Paribus.

Here’s another example. You decide to buy a new cell phone today and the price drops $100 tomorrow. Paribus’ price protection monitoring service will alert when you are eligible for a price drop refund ($100 in this case) and the retailer will issue you the appropriate refund. It’s free money!

Price drop refunds are probably one of the best-kept secrets in online shopping. Retailers have offered them for years, but most shoppers either don’t know they exist or don’t take the time to monitor the prices of items they already bought.

By connecting your email account to Paribus, the price tracker monitors your purchases from the past 30 days by scanning your order confirmation emails. When a qualifying price drop occurs, Paribus notifies you of the savings opportunity while you go about your daily routine.

Paribus does all the hard work of monitoring prices and tracking late shipments to let you know when you are eligible to get cash back. It’s free and Paribus users have saved more than $6.5 million at over 30 online retailers including Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, and Costco.

You may receive Amazon credit if your packages don’t arrive by their guaranteed delivery date!

Here’s How Price Drop Refunds Helped These People Spend Less

Three real Paribus customers shared their experiences with Well Kept Wallet on how Paribus has helped them save money on their shopping purchases.

Eric Rosenberg likes Paribus because “it’s free to use and pure reward.” It’s one of the few ways to get money back without having to work for it. If a price doesn’t drop within the monitoring window, you’re not out any money because Paribus is completely free to use. With zero downsides and risks, you literally have nothing to lose.

Saving between $2 to $3 for her typical price drop refund, Emilie Burke describes Paribus as a “set it and forget it” savings tool. Whether that savings occurs during the holidays, or the rest of the year, that’s money you most likely wouldn’t have received without price monitoring.

Finally, Jessi Molohon has saved over $500 with Paribus so far. Her biggest savings came from electronics purchases she made during the holiday season. Living in a major metropolitan area where even 2-day Amazon Prime packages sometimes take a third day to be delivered, she also receives Amazon credit when shipping delays happen.

Jessi says that people do a lot of research before a purchase but little follow-up. Paribus takes the time to follow-up on your purchases and effortlessly passes all the savings onto you.

Saving Money Isn’t Just for the Holidays

If you’re like a lot of people, you spend more during the holidays than any other month of the year. Because you buy more during the holidays, you have a higher probability of receiving a price drop refund, but price drop refunds can happen during the other 11 months of the year too.

Paribus is useful because it monitors the prices from the places you shop on a regular basis. While you might receive a refund on your gift purchases, you can also collect a refund on other everyday items you happen to purchase during that same time like baby diapers, shoes, and clothing.

Knowing you can get cash back if a price drops, could help you get back a little extra in your pocket this season and throughout the year. You can take it one step further and set aside all of the savings from Paribus into a savings account for next year’s holiday shopping budget, and call it “shopping hacks.”


With price drop refunds, shopping during the holidays can be cheaper than ever. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest tech gadget, a new outfit, or the toy at the top of your children’s Christmas list, if the price drops and you can get cash back, Paribus will let you know, with zero effort required on your behalf.

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