Jordan HarbingerSkill can get us somewhere, but paired with a great personality, good relationships and wide social connections, we will often get farther both in our careers and in our personal lives. For this reason among others, it is imperative that we work and invest in developing ourselves to the fullest potential.

Developing “You” to the Fullest Potential

Our guest for today is Jordan Harbinger, the founder of The Art of Charm, where thousands of men and women have improved their social lives through the modules and podcasts Jordan offers on how to become charismatic, elements of reading body language, generating relationships and connections, how to network with people, how to make the best first impression and yes, dating stuff.

Highlights from this episode

• How he got into this business through the influence of a Wall Street attorney eight years ago who practiced ‘rainmaking’ and had inspired him to follow suit.
• Becoming vulnerable and being more of yourself than who you are now, in order to be more likeable, and the phenomenon about pick-up artists and the unhealthy paradigms and misconceptions that come with it.
• Engaging people, becoming real, being honest and some practical ways for you to remove your masks and get in touch with who you really are.
• Physical confidence, how real first impressions are made and practical tips and habits which you can apply in three weeks to work on your non-verbal communication skills.
• The value of creating and expanding your network to create opportunities to give you the preparation you need to be able to do start something that you love.

Quotes that Jordan mentioned in this episode

“Becoming more likable is a result of becoming more like yourself.”

“When you have a mask, you can’t really connect with people because, on some level, it’s fake.”

“The key to becoming yourself is to become vulnerable.”

“The strongest people are not the alpha males, they are the ones who are not afraid to be vulnerable in front of others because it’s like a knight lowering his shield.”

“A first impression is made the first time you whenever you become a blip on somebody else’s radar.”

For more information, you can reach Jordan at: jordanh (at)theartofcharm – dot – com

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