Street Performer Raises Money for School Tuition

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While we were in Vegas this past weekend, we saw a man performing on the street. He had a sign that said “Trying to Pay For Tuition, Anything Helps.” With student loan debt in the United States over $1 Trillion, I found this guy to be inspiring. Here is a guy that is using his talents to make money to pay for school.

I admire someone who has the motivation and the courage to make things happen. He is not depending on the government to take care of him or for some program to make his monthly payment more affordable. He is a person who takes initiative and happens to life, instead of life happening to him.

I wish there were more like this guy. People who realize that the answer to their financial problems lies within. That they can take their gifts, talents, and abilities and use them to get their finances in order.

The majority of our debt outside the mortgage was student loan debt. We developed a plan to work hard, spend less than we made and we were able to get rid of that debt in our mid 20′s. If you are still in college and interested in graduating without student loans, see my previous post on How to Graduate Without Any Debt.

What are you doing to pay off your student loan debt?