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  1. We use Turbo Tax. Our taxes are not overly complicated and we find the software to have everything we need.

    • That’s great to hear, Brian!! We’ve never done our own – at least not for several years, but every year I consider trying it. 🙂

  2. Turbo tax looks nice. Does it support 4868 forms, since I must ask for a extension? This year started pretty poor. I am expecting some nice revenue, but in June, since I am working on a project. Until that time, I am not in a position to pay taxes.

    • It looks like they do! See more about it on their website.

  3. These are excellent insights, Laurie!
    I agree that choosing wrong software can waste your money and time. I really liked Free File Alliance by the IRS that is allowing us to e-file the federal tax returns. It’s really perfect for the taxpayers with simple and basic returns. However, TurboTax, Tax Act, and Free Tax USA are somewhat advanced and let you explore every section of your return. There are items such as mortgage interest, loan interest, and highlighted unidentified deductions. They also provide alerts and help on the returns.

    Personally, as a practitioner, I’m using TurboTax and Free File for my clients.

    • Thanks for sharing your insights, Monika! It’s always great to have professional insights on posts such as these. We appreciate it!

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