3. eVoice

The third company is called eVoic. Like most other companies, eVoice offers a free 30-day trial with all of their plans. EVoice also provides 800 numbers for businesses of all sizes as well as a 24-hour, 7 day a week auto attendant, call routing to your home, office and mobile number, and voicemail capabilities that allow messages to be sent to your email or to your cell phone as a text. EVoice has four different plans for business clients to choose from. The details on each plan are listed below. The $12.99 Plan With eVoice’s $12.99 per month plan, you have access to a total of 6 numbers (local or toll free), options for two extensions and you’re allowed 300 minutes with the plan. A very affordable plan for a new or smaller business. The $29.99 Plan The $29.99 per month plan is eVoice’s most popular plan, according to its website. With this plan your business can have access to a total of 15 numbers (local or toll free), options for up to 5 extensions and 1000 available minutes to use. The $49.99 Plan EVoice’s $49.99 per month plan gives your business access to a total of 30 numbers (local or toll free), 10 extensions and 2000 available minutes. This plan would work well for a larger business. The $79.99 Plan The company’s $79.99 per month plan gives business owners access to up to 45 numbers (local or toll free), 15 extensions and 4000 available minutes. This would be a plan you would choose if you had a large business or spend quite a lot of time on calls with customers. To reach a 4000 minute per month limit you and your staff would need to be spending a total of at least sixty-six hours per month on the phone with clients. All of the eVoice plans do allow customers to buy additional minutes for a price of 3.9 cents per minute. eVoice did seem to include more numbers with each of their plans, which would be a nice benefit for businesses that need or want to have several toll free numbers. However, it does not include a minute plan in the 10,000 minute-plus range, so it may not be a good fit if you have a larger business.

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