I don’t know about you, but I learn more by example. When I see a scenario played out in a video or a movie, it is much more impactful to me then reading it on a piece of paper. So here is a list of my top 5 Youtube videos about money:

1. Bill Cosby on Budgeting

It is so true, when we are young, we don’t really grasp the value of money. I think Cosby did a great job explaining to Theo how much life truly costs.

2. Two and Half Men – Charlie has Money Problems

The problem for most people when it comes to money is not that they make too little, but that they spend too much. Does you cup have one hole or one hundred?

3. Debt Limit – A Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy

This video does a great job of breaking down the federal budget into layman’s terms. Would you loan money to this guy?

4. Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford – SNL

This video is cheesy, but the point is valid. Personal finance is simple and the basics of it could fit onto one page. If we all spent less than we made we would have an emergency fund, and would not need to borrow money as a way of living.

5. Stanley Johnson – Debt up to My Eyeballs

I am not for debt consolidation per se, but I was impressed by how this depicts the middle class guy in debt. He has a smile on his face and everything from the surface looks great. But if you look underneath it all there is a guy crying for help.

If you like these videos, you can check out more by downloading my Android App here. I will be adding more to the playlist as I come across them. Also, if you have a video that you like that relates to money just send it my way, I would love to check it out!

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