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  1. Josh @MoneyBuffalo

    We normally rely on manufacturer coupons or the Sunday paper. As you said, coupons are only valuable if you keep the ones for products you will purchase anyway. There are lots of good ones I used to keep (when I was single & did the grocery shopping) like french fries, frozen pizza, and other junk food. Needless to say, I bought items I didn’t need. Now we just have the clearance racks to contend with.

  2. Centsai

    I love saving money wherever I can and that’s why coupons come in handy! My preferred way of getting my coupons is online. However, I do get some of my coupons through the mail. Whenever I know I need to go shopping for specific items (or even just going to grab dinner at Chipotle), I just google coupons to print out or codes to use online! It is extremely convenient! The one downfall of getting online coupons via email is sometimes I really don’t need to be spending money on certain things such as getting emails from clothing stores with discounts!

  3. Mary Ann Kourey

    Our neighborhood receives a plastic bag every Sunday in their driveway that contains ads from Sprouts, Publix, Target, Smartsource, Walgreens, and a Home section from the newspaper. We get it in our driveway off and on. It is never consistent. I would like to know who to contact to make sure were receive this on a weekly basis. We live in Powder Springs.

    • Deacon

      You need to contact the newspaper you subscribe to. If you do not get a newspaper, check out the home section you speak of. It probably indicates which newspaper is printing it so you can contact them. But, if that fails, try your local convention and visitors bureau. They might also know who to contact.

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