4 Reasons to use a Travel Agent for your next Vacation

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4 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent for your Next Vacation

My friend Mike is what I’d call a true Disneyland expert! He’s been there many times and plumbed the park for all kinds of fun experiences. He has written a number of Disney posts for me over the past several months (see this page for all of them!) and today, he’s back at it again!


“How do I get Disneyland tickets cheap?” This is the most common question I get asked. But the second most common is, “Why use a travel agent?”

For most, we have all booked a plane ticket before. The mechanics of figuring out how to travel don’t seem too complicated. Many wonder why they would even need a travel agent. I thought the same thing as well once. Not too many years ago, I was planning my first Disneyland trip with my kids as a single dad. I thought for sure I could do it by myself as a former Southern Californian resident and Disneyland annual pass holder. But though I can sing you all the words to “Grim Grinning Ghosts”, that didn’t help me too much when figuring out which hotels would be right for my me and my kids. Nor did it help translate which Disney info on the internet was current and which was no longer true (or always an urban myth). And it certainly didn’t give me the power to think of the aspects of my vacation I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Disneyland Kids First Visit

So I reached out to a travel agent who specialized in Disney destinations. At first I was a bit afraid I would be wasting my time. Or that they might roll their eyes when they saw my meager budget. But what I found was a delightful experience that made my feel empowered when the vacation finally came.

Paraise Pier View

Years later, after many more vacations to a bunch of different places, I became a travel agent myself. It’s great to help people to travel. Some folks know exactly what they want to do and just let me handle all the details so they don’t have to. Others know a date or a budget but need some help with the rest to figure out what vacation is perfect for them. No matter where you are starting from, here are a few reasons why you should book your next vacation with a travel agent.

Central Park

Reason #1: Knowledge.

Society today has more access to more information than ever before. The internet is full of information. But quite often that doesn’t always give us knowledge. For instance, it’s easy to look up on the internet the price of a cruise. Or to find a 4-star hotel in Paris. But that information may not be enough. Because not every cruise line might fit the expectation you might have for your vacation.

And a 4-star hotel in Paris is not a 4- star hotel in America. A travel agent has this type of knowledge. They are happy to assist you with your own research and help clarify some of the remaining questions. A good travel agent can share knowledge, because they have probably already had the experience from their own travels. This is quite different than a salesperson or a discount website. They probably have lots of useful information, but many not have the knowledge of all the ins and outs of what you want to get out of your vacation.

Royal Pacific Pool

Reason #2: Access.

One of the great perks to a travel agent is the access you have to a personal vacation planner. No long waits on hold to talk to a representative that may or may not have your best interest at heart. When you have a travel agent, it won’t feel like a chore to get the answer to all those smaller questions. A travel agent is ready and happy to answer any concerns you might have. Big or small. They are just an email, phone call or even a text away. They welcome your thoughts because a travel agent is there to better your traveling experience.

Dream Room

Reason #3: Savings.

Who isn’t looking to save money? Great travel agents have access to deals not found to the general market.  And if they can’t find you and unpublished deal, they are always keeping their eyes open for new offers they can apply to your vacation. One of the best parts of my job is when I get to email a client letting them know they qualified for a new discount and they’ll be saving even more money on the trip they’ve already booked. That type of experience isn’t something you are likely to get anywhere else.

Gringots Exterior

Reason #4: Peace of Mind.

As we all know, occasionally things don’t always go as planned. But when you book with a travel agent, you have an advocate to help when things go south. If your room isn’t what the hotel promised, or perhaps your tour is significantly different than what was advertised, a travel agent can be your first call. They are ready to do what they can to be your voice when you may not be able to. Travel agents can use their knowledge and experience to rectify situations and try to get your vacation back on track.

Epcot with Family

The best part of a good travel agent is the price. They offer their services with no fee. There’s no hidden extras to get all the perks. Big or small, whether it’s your first vacation or your yearly visit, a travel agent is there to make sure you have the best trip possible.

You probably have your next vacation in mind already. Contact me today and let’s discuss your ideas and start making them a reality! Email me at mike.rinehart@mei-travel.com or visit me at https://www.facebook.com/MikesTravelThoughts/