Inspiring Innovation with Meron BareketOur guest for today is Meron Bareket, the host of the Inspiring Innovation podcast and the founder of The Podcast Incubator. He talks to us today about how he came into his online businesses, his pricing strategies and he teaches us a great technique for jump starting your journey into entrepreneurship.

Highlights of my conversation with Meron

• Meron shares with us the details about his business, About Inspiring Innovation, a digital magazine which became a podcast site, which aims to guide and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs on how to make things happen and guides them towards financial freedom.

• How The Podcast Incubator — an online course community Meron developed that teaches people who know nothing about podcasting to getting them to launch a successful podcast and use that platform to build their financial freedom — came together and how it solves people’s entrepreneurial roadblocks.

• An overview of his 7 modules in educating, training and empowering people on how to go about starting a podcast.

• How he created his membership site using WordPress, OptimizedPress, Wishlist and other resources he utilized and why.

• The thought process and rationale behind his pricing strategies and how he ultimately settled with his final price points.

• His tip in doing his ‘three lists’ exercise for aspiring entrepreneurs to figure out what podcast, what membership site, or what business you should start with.

Quotes from Meron in this episode

“When people try to create freedom, they often get stuck because they don’t have that million-dollar idea. This is a myth: you don’t need a million-dollar idea.”

“Sometimes it’s a matter of realizing not only how you want to sell it but also, who you are selling to.”

“The most important thing in building an online business is doing something that won’t make you want to pull out all your hair because there’s no point in replacing your day job with an online job that you hate.”

“The only way to find your life purpose is to start doing something. You need to start walking on a path in order to get somewhere.”

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