Stephanie Humphrey is a Tech Expert who frequently appears on QVC as well as she does on-air tech segments for a Fox affiliate in Philadelphia. In addition, she does traffic reporting as well as she has been in two feature films including Limitless & Law Abiding Citizen.

Career: Text Expert
Other Jobs: Actress, Traffic reporting, Writer

Average Day

She says that it depends on the day. The day of the interview she had to appear on Fox in the morning, do a phone interview, then do the podcast, and lastly be at work by 3pm to do traffic reporting. After work she hits the Gym, heads home & in bed by midnight.

Interesting Facts

She was in the movie Limitless recently because she had a similar roll in Law Abiding Citizen. Initially she wasn’t going to go to the audition, but she had a friend who was going to the same audition and decided to tag along. She was in jeans, didn’t have make up on, but still got the part.

Hardest part about you do as a Tech Expert

The hardest part about what she does is getting people to recognize exactly what she does. She has two degrees in engineering and spend a lot of time trying to explain to people what she does.

How to land gigs as a Tech Expert

Persistence, persistence, persistence. Stephanie started a blog called to be able to pitch herself to other online print organizations. She has also written for,, and others. When it came to getting the gig at Fox, she pitched the producers for months and months. Finally she ran into an anchor at a birthday party who liked the idea and Stephanie has been there ever since.

Tip to be successful at what you do

  • You have to believe in yourself and what you are doing.

You have to have 150% belief in yourself and what you are doing”

  • Also, get out there, look for opportunities to get in front of people who can help you get where you want to be. Look for networking events, conferences, etc.

Example of  a job that she didn’t enjoy

She didn’t like being an engineer doing what she was doing originally. It became a drag to go to work every day, but then she found what she is doing today outside of that company. She said that she didn’t know it was something that she wanted to do until she got the opportunity to do it.

“Once I found it, I just couldn’t let it go”


How she got from where she was to where she is today

While she was at the engineering firm, she stated looking for an exit strategy. She pursued other opportunities outside of engineering like teaching kick boxing. Eventually, a woman she went to the gym with asked her to be in a fashion show. She said OK because she got a discount on whatever she bought at the store that day of the retail store putting on the show. There was a woman there who owned a modeling agency who asked her if she had done modeling. She had never thought of that path before as an engineer, so she started looking for other opportunities that interested her in the media space.

Influential person

She noted that most people told her to not leave such a “good” job. However, she had a meeting with an executive at Comcast who said she should be using the fact that she has an engineering background and mold that with her media career.

Additional Tips

  • Create a Twitter list of different resources that are relevant to what you are interested in.
  • Set up an RSS feed with all of the sites that are in the field you want to get into.
  • Try a lot of stuff. Be fearless. plan and execute. It took a year and a half before she was ready to leave her job.
  • Find out if your company has the ability to take a leave of absence or a sabbatical.

Latest Project

Stephanie is currently a tech contributor for a Fox affiliate in Philadelphia and seeking more online media appearances. See an example of what Stephanie is up to in the video below:

How to get in touch with Stephanie

Twitter: @techlifeSteph

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