Laura Grier Destination Photographer

Laura Grier from beautiful Day Photography

In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast, Laura Grier shares what it is like as the founder of Beautiful Day Photography, an adventure, travel, destination photography company. She is originally from Virginia, however, both of her parents are government employees so she traveled a lot at a young age. Now as a destination photographer, people hire her to travel the world and take pictures of their special occasions. From Spelunking into glowworm caves to jumping into Eel-infested waters, Laura is known for doing what it takes to get the best shot.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What it is like to be a Destination Photographer
  • How “Wheel of Fortune” changed her life
  • How important college was to her becoming a Photographer

Quotes from Laura Grier

You have to get yourself out there, when you work for yourself you have to network and market yourself”

Loving what you do is really important, it’s kind of…infectious”

How to connect with Laura

Website: Beautiful Day Photography

Twitter: @BeautiDayPhoto

Facebook: Beautiful Day Photo

Travel site: Wanderlust by Laura Grier

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