Nicole Dunn - Dunn Pellier MediaNicole Dunn is a Creative Television Producer who has done work on the Weakest Link, the Man Show, Split Ends and Dr. Phil’s “Decision House“. She is now one of the owners of Dunn Pellier Media where she is currently creating, pitching and selling unique Multi-platform concepts and projects with Web, Mobile and TV. One of her most notable clients today is Tony Horton who is best known for his fitness program p90x.

What you will learn in this episode

– What it is like to be a Creative TV Producer

– How a financial coach helped her triple income

– How joining a “goals” group was helpful to her success

Quotes from Nicole Dunn

There is always a reason and there is always a timing for everything.”

What makes me successful is my ability to network with people.”

Don’t take a job, just to take a job. Find something that your passionate about and do what you love.”

When people tell you ‘no’  keep pushing for the ‘yes’.”

How to connect with Nicole


Twitter: @DunnPellierTV

Facebook: Dunn Pellier Media

IMDB: Nicole Dunn

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