Houtson Gunn Profile PictureIn this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast we have Houston Gunn who wrote the book Schooled for Success: How I Plan to Graduate from High School a Millionaire. He is currently a 16-year-old entrepreneur living in Nashville Tennessee.

What you will learn in this episode

– What inspired him to write a book at 14 years old

– How he got Donald Trump to give him an interview for his book and then a quote for the cover with an endorsement for the book

– How he did got into his first real estate deal at age 13

– What steps he is doing today to get closer to his goal

Resources mentioned

Trump University

Quotes from Houston Gunn

“I’ve been taking what I learned in business and real estate seminars…I took action and I wasn’t afraid to ask”

“The only CD’s I like are the ones with music on it”

“I don’t want to make a million dollars in my lifetime. I plan to graduate from High School a millionaire.”

“A goal without a date is just a dream”

How to connect with Houston

Website: HoustonGunn.com

Twitter: @HoustonGunn

Facebook: Houston Gunn’s Page

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