Scott DuffyIn this episode we have with us Scott Duffy, a bestselling author and speaker, an Angel Investor, a business consultant and the founder and CEO of The Launch Project, a company dedicated to helping millions of people around the world live their dreams through entrepreneurship.  Listen in as we gather practical lessons from acquiring rain-forests, NFL players and spider monkeys!

Highlights from this episode

  • What an angel investor is and its difference from a venture capitalist.
  • Starting with something that you are totally passionate about and finding the one thing that you’re good at by reaching out to people, keeping it simple and other tips on how to figure out what kind of business to get into and how to get started.
  • How a terrible accident led him to cross paths with Tony Robbins and the impact it made in changing his life.
  • Paradigm shifts, having a big enough ‘why’ to be able to always figure out the ‘how’, knowing the right people, acquiring the right resources and all the lessons that Scott learned from an island dinner with Richard Branson.
  • Key takeaways you can learn from his book, Launch: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market.
  • Learning how to determine mediocre versus top performance through a football scenario.
  • His number one piece of advice for his fellow entrepreneurs.

Some quotes from Scott

“You need to do something that you are passionate about. If you’re doing something that you are not, when times get tough, it’s just too easy to quit.”

“If you’re going to go ahead and take a risk, you need to do something that people will call work, but for you, it’s pure joy.”

“When times get tough, you’ve got to be the toughest person in the room.”

“Focus on the simplest things, the things that people say you are good at, the stuff that you enjoy, and just go with that.”

“You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days. But you won’t know which is which until sometime down the line because you don’t know which will create an experience.”

“It doesn’t matter what it is you want to venture out to do, if you have the right mindset, you are around the right people and you put the right resources in place, you can achieve virtually anything it is that you dream of.”

“The business side is 20% of what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. It’s the personal side that makes up the 80% and that’s the tricky part.”

“What is your nut? What is that thing that you’re holding onto that’s getting you stuck and holding you back? What is the excuse that you’re making that’s preventing you from starting? Let go of that excuse, let go of that nut and move forward.”

“Have a big enough why and you’ll figure out the how”

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