Today’s episode features Chris Petrie: husband, dad of 2, Crossfitter and Phoenix Firefighter who paid off $52k in debt in 7 months!

Here are some highlights from Chris

  • How they acquired $52,000 in debt mainly by not paying attention to their finances, what those debts consisted of including credit card payments and a luxury vehicle, and what it felt like walking around with that much debt.
  • The feeling after they finally put the numbers down in paper, the turning point of when Chris decided to get out of debt and the process his family went through to get the ball rolling.
  • The resources, materials and motivations that inspired and carried him through his goal of getting out of debt.
  • The challenges he met along the way including feeling as if they were not normal, letting their friends down, overcoming naysayers, and being tested when they were starting to gain momentum.
  • What the debt-snowball method and the debt-avalanche methods are, and the creative things they did to start wiping debts off, such as selling some stuff and cleaning pools on the side.
  • How the whole process affected their marriage, what they did for a living while they were paying off their debts and how it felt when they finally paid all their debts off.
  • Practical tips from Chris for people looking to pay off their debts such as having a reason to push you to pay your debts (the why), getting into a budget and having a financial plan, and using a cash system correctly.

Quotes from Chris in this episode

“I am a big believer of this thing called best practices. If you see somebody winning with money, do what they’re doing.”

“When you decide to roll your sleeves up and start getting out of debt, you’re different, you’re not doing what’s normal, and you are going against the grain.”

“As with Murphy’s Law – what can go wrong will go wrong – get ready to be tested. There’s going to be challenges but once you face the challenge every single day, it becomes more of a norm that you will come to accept.”

“At times we thought ‘We will not be able to do this’, but it was such a great accomplishment as it was something that we did together and it totally changed our whole life and our family tree.”

“If you have lots of debt or any debt at all and you want to pay it off, you have to have a reason, there has to be something pushing you behind it or you will give up.

“Things are starting to change, getting out of debt is becoming cool.”

For more “getting to debt free” inspiration, check out our Debt Success Stories page.  To learn more about Chris Petrie and his journey to debt freedom, check out his blog at


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