Dan Macklin Profile

Dan Macklin, Co-Founder of SoFi

Today with us we have Dan Macklin who is one of the founding members of SoFi, a marketplace lender that offers student loan refinancing, personal loans and mortgages. He is a thought leader whose perspectives on education debt and personal finance have been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNBC, ABC, Fox Business and Fast Company, as well as his personal favorite, Italian Vogue!

What You Will Learn from this episode

  • More about Dan’s background which lead him to start a business with guys he met in college
  • How SoFi get started
  • How you can save money when it comes to your student loans
  • Who qualifies for refinancing their student loans
  • How to refinance your credit card debt and potentially cut your interest in half

Resources mentioned

Go to Sofi.com/wkw for a $100 cash back if you refinance your credit card debt.

Personal Note: Although I am a big fan of the debt snowball, I work with people all the time that pay 15% or even 24% on their credit cards which is ridiculous. I really am a fan of SoFi because they essentially will help you reduce your interest rate so that you can pay your debt off even faster and save a TON of money in interest in the long run!

Refinance Your Student Loans or Credit Cards

With the average credit card interest rate around 15%, this could save you a ton of money over the long haul. Check out Credible who will help you refinance your credit card debt to as low as 4.99%. Use this link to get a $50 bonus if you get approved.

Want to refinance your student loans? Credible can help you get as low as 2.78% APR. Use this link to get $150 cash back if you get approved for refinancing your student loan. The average graduate who refinances through Credible saves $18,668!

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