Kathleen Celmins of save50.orgKathleen Celmins is a just a regular person who paid off $30,000 in debt despite making an income not much higher than that and has learned how to save over half of her income. Kathleen (along with Joe Saul-Sehy) created a course that teaches others how to do this. In case you want to check out their course, here is a link: How to Save Half Your Income and Take Control of Your Future.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Kathleen dumped over $30,000 in debt
  • What the first step has to be in a successful savings program
  • How to get motivated to start saving more
  • The keys to making your money goals successful

Resources Mentioned:

Website: www.save50,org

Register today and save your spot for this “changing your future” course. Aim to be better than average and change your financial life in 2016!

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