Carrie Olsen, voiceover expert

Carrie Olsen, voiceover expert

Carrie Olsen is a wife, mother, author, blogger and podcaster who recently started a successful voiceover career. Even though Carrie is somewhat new to the industry, she’s already landed voiceover gigs for companies such as Taco Bell, Disney and AT & T. On today’s podcast, Carrie shares what it takes to make it in the voiceover business and her secrets for excelling quickly in the voiceover industry.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How Carrie started getting voiceover work after just a few weeks of training
  • The biggest barrier to getting hired for voiceover gigs
  • How beginners can get known in the industry
  • Resources for getting started
  • How much money can be made doing voiceover
  • The “pre-work” that will make you stand out at auditions
  • What you need to get started
  • The business skills that are just as important as your voice

How to Connect with Carrie

Voiceover Website:

Finance Website:



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