Aprill HarmonAprill Harmon is a business and career consultant who specializes in helping service industry professionals go from employee to business owner. On this podcast episode, Aprill shares how she helps aspiring entrepreneurs transition into successful businesses.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to know if you should transition from employee to business owner
  • The biggest roadblocks Aprill sees people facing when starting their own business
  • Aprill’s recommended first steps for transitioning to business owner
  • The number one key to success for transitioning business owners
  • How to work around non-compete clauses
  • Tips for a successful employee-to-owner transition

Listen to This Episode

How to Connect

Website: http://aprillharmon.com/

Phone number: (214) 769-9178

As a bonus for Well Kept Wallet podcast listeners, Aprill is offering a free 15-minute consultation to those considering the transition from employee to business owner.

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