Hobie Porterfield and Family

Hobie Porterfield and Family

Deciding to become a firefighter is far from being a whim.  It takes commitment, perseverance, determination and passion to be able to make the cut and even qualify for the job.

In this episode of the Well Kept Wallet podcast, we have Hobie Poterfield, a former Navy Seal and construction business owner, who shares with us what it is like to become a San Diego firefighter at 41 years old.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Marring into a family of firefighters and what made Hobie decide to become one at 41 years old
  • How his construction background and the discipline he learned in the Navy prepared him to become a firefighter
  • Things that go through firefighters’ minds when putting out fires and how movies portray them
  • Retirement, the stability of being a firefighter and other reasons why he switched gears to get out of construction
  • Getting a degree, being a volunteer and the list of things to do to become a firefighter
  • Tips for finding the work that you love

Hobie says that you are never too old to go after the career that you are passionate about.  I could not agree more, so if this is you, take action today and start doing work that you enjoy; it is never too late.

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