Debt Free in 18 Months

Do you want to peace of mind when it comes to your finances? Would you like to obliterate your debt so that you can have more freedom in life? My wife and I were able to pay off $52,000 in debt in 18 months and I want to teach you exactly what we did so that you can pay your debt off in a short period of time as well. There are no gimmicks, just practical advice on how you can crush your debt and start living the life you truly want to live.

Breakdown of the Course

Session 1 – Developing a Financial Game Plan
This will help you create a realistic game plan with your finances so that you know with confidence how to move forward.

Session 2 – How to Pay Off Your Debt Fast
Learn how to structure your debt so that you can pay it off fast and have peace of mind sooner rather than later.

Session 3 – Ways to Earn Extra Cash & Decrease Your Expenses
Discover ways to make more money and decrease your expenses so that you can have progress quickly.


Your course really inspired me. I was able to reach my emergency savings goal of $1,000 in one month…Now I am on track to tackle my $9,000 in credit card debt.

Alex P.

$97 now $67 until the end of this month!

30 day

Our Story

“The Day” happened over eight years, ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. My wife Kim and I had just gotten married, and it seemed like things were off to a great start. We bought a brand new Nissan Altima, owned 2 condos, and Kim was starting her career. From the surface it looked like we were right where we wanted to be. One day it became shockingly apparent that this wasn’t the case. I decided to go over our finances and noticed that we had more money going out than coming in.

What???  How could that be happening? We both worked hard and had good jobs, so how could we be underwater every month? When I sat down to take a closer look at our financial situation, I found the answer. Together, my wife and I had nearly $52,000 in consumer debt. Between my new Nissan, our credit card debt and our combined student loan debt, we were in big trouble. Our debt as individuals before we got married didn’t seem like much to worry about, but that’s probably because we were both in denial of our individual situations. However, when I sat down to add up where we were at as a couple, it was abundantly clear that things were not good.

Working to manage $52,000 in consumer debt is not a great way to start out a marriage. I shared the numbers with Kim, and we realized that we were in quite a mess. We felt scared and overwhelmed at the prospect of living our lives together in a constant struggle for money.

A New Start

We knew there had to be a solution to our problem, so as a couple we decided that we would seek out people who have been successful with handling money.  We read several books, took a personal finance class, and talked with others who practiced sound financial principles.

What we learned was that we were doing money all wrong. Everything we thought we knew about personal finance was completely backward from what we learned from those who were successful with money.

When Kim and I began to apply the principles that we had been learning, our world began to drastically change right before our eyes. The debt was going down, and going down fast.

There were sacrifices we had to make to eliminate the debt; that’s for sure. We set minimal budgets for things like entertainment, clothing, and what I like to call girl/guy money; the miscellaneous spending money that Kim and I each had during the month. Since we were used to spending pretty much whatever we wanted to on these types of things, learning to live within a budget was tough at first.

We also made the drastic decision to start selling a huge chunk of the “stuff” that we had purchased that helped lead up to the $52k in debt. Kim and I both sold our cars, and with the $5,000 we got for Kim’s car, we bought cars for both of us and had a little left over to cover expenses needed to get those cars running top notch.

Kim sold a lot of her designer clothes and accessories on EBay. I sold my Playstation.

It wasn’t easy going through closets and drawers and selling the things that we loved, but we worked hard to think long-term and imagine a future without debt.

We also worked on increasing our income in other ways so that we would have even more money to put towards the debt. I got a second job delivering pizzas. The job was more than I had bargained for. I remember cleaning deep fryers and scrubbing greasy floors when there wasn’t any pizzas to be delivered.

I remember thinking that the job was too much work for the money that I was being paid, but then I remembered how badly I wanted debt freedom for my family and kept at it.

We buckled down big time during those months and did everything we could think of to dump the debt quickly.

Our Life Without Debt

Within 18 months of deciding to devise a plan and follow it, we paid off our $52,000 in debt and are now debt free except for a small home mortgage.

Our lives have changed dramatically since we’ve become debt free. Being debt free has allowed me to quit my former job and pursue my passion.

I now own Well Kept Wallet, Inc. and am spending my days helping people just like you get out of debt and start living a life that’s more closely aligned with their dreams and goals.

I have appeared on several news channels, sharing tips on how to manage money wisely. I speak at colleges, schools and businesses, sharing my strategies for dumping debt and building wealth.

Oh yeah: as we work to pay off our mortgage ultra-fast, we’re also working on investing and building wealth.

I couldn’t have started my own business if we still had $52,000 in debt. And we certainly wouldn’t be in the financial position we’re in today if we’d chosen not to take the drastic step of changing our lifestyle so that we could get out of debt. Today we are consumer debt free, we have a healthy emergency fund and we have growing investment accounts.

The Debt Free in 18 Months Course shares the specific steps we took to pay off our debt, and is designed with a clear-cut plan that will help you to succeed at becoming debt free.  I’ve also priced the course at an affordable price so that anyone can start on the road to dumping debt and building wealth.

It’s time to start living a life without debt. Are you ready? If so, click on the button above “Our Story” to sign up.

Disclaimer: This class does not guarantee that you become debt free in 18 months. What it will do is give you the direction on how to become debt free in that amount of time. The results are up to you. For examples of people that were able to pay off debt in a short period of time, check out our Debt Success Stories series. These are not necessarily people that took this class but they did apply the principles of this class in some fashion. Returning Member?